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She still looks like a cute guy in drag.

        Jamie Lee Curtis admired her naked wet body as she left
    her shower. It was perfect. Thanks to her guru she had successfully
    transmigrated into a new host body. The poor girl had died from
    a brain aneurysm. The aneurysm had been repaired, but not in time
    to save the girl's life. Jamie Lee Curtis was in the same hospital suffering
    from chicken pox brought on by her advanced age.

        Jamie walked about naked, running her hands over her lovely black
    skin. She had a magnificent booty. Instinctively, she shook it and knocked
    over a tray of autospy instruments. An orderly stepped into the morgue
    and screamed, "Jesus fucking Christ!" He collected his courage and handed
    Jamie a johny. "Um-I guess the surgery was successful?" orderly Lacson
    said trembling as he wheeled the girl upstairs... in a wheel chair.

        "Oh yes. I feel born again." Jamie smiled suppressing a giggle.
      She had already willed her vast wealth to the resurrected colored girl.
      "Zyra. is my name?" Jamie queried. The orderly nodded, "Yes. You are
      a good will transfer from Lybia. I guess they'll be sending you home."
      Jamie's heart skipped a beat, "Oh, that lovely Jamie Lee Curtis adopted me.
      I think she felt sorry for me." The orderly shook his head in disbelief.
      But Zyra was now an heir to the Curtis dynasty and very wise for her age.+

      to be continued?

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