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Winnie Kay's 4th Lesson!
Fielding Dawson was a well-known twentieth century author,(1) and he was a professional painter.
Until his death in NYC,(2) he wrote prolifically.
He was a handsome,(3) multi-talented major gift to this world.
I first became acquainted with him in the company of writers on a strangely dark(4) classic evening.
Fee,(5) the leader of the pack in certain literary circles,(5) wrote poetry and short stories.
He enjoyed the profession of teaching literature and did teach. (6)
The novel that he gave me personally was “The Sun Rises Again”.(7)
His many works are filled with enlightenment,(8) carry deep logic,(8) and contain brilliant dialogue.
Speaking from the point of view of an artist-at-large,(9) he was a strong colorful figure.
His works remind me of an intricate puzzle on lifestyles, (10)positively exciting to solve.
His life was a deep mystery searching for a better ending. In addition, (11) he was known to be a
Svengali-like teacher.
Alas,(12) his death was untimely.
He promised to write postcards to me as soon as I met him. (13)
Ironically,(14) you can’t imagine the kind of shy rare man he was.
At first I did not understand certain unique male genres he constantly dealt with. (15}
He must have been an ancient reader of faces, his brilliant smile an enigma to master. (16)
He too was down-to-earth. (17)
He read to many literary groups and studied small,(3) conquered crowds.(18)
The most wonderful attribute of this man was his loyalty to write back. (19)
I have kept each of his sublime postcards—all who knew him cannot forget him. (20)

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