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This is chapter 1 of Little Miss Popular. An exciting story told by a popular girl.
Dear diary. Hi, my name is Skye and I’m the kind of girl you hate.

I’m good at most things, English, Maths, Art, Science, History, Geography and mainly getting my own way.

The teachers love me, My parents spoil me, The un-popular people hate me, The popular people worship me and Everyone is jealous of me.

I have everything most people dream of, long wavy blonde hair, big blue eyes, the best of everything and a very rich daddy. I am a total daddy’s girl; however my mum thinks I’m spoilt. My dad is a TV producer, ever heard of ‘Glass house’? Who am I kidding of course you have, every Tuesday and Thursday every family in the uk watches it, well every cool family at least. My dad produces it, he also stars in it. I’m not going to lie, we are millionaires.

  If I want something I ask my dad in my cutesiest little girl voice and there’s no way he can say no. I have 3 computers, 4 iPads, 8 iPods, 2 bedrooms, 4 wardrobes, 2 full size en suites and a giant plasma screen telly. I don’t use them that much though, when I’m at home I don’t speak to anybody from school, I let them imagine me off on weekend trips to Paris and expensive shopping trips, but honestly I spend all my spare time in Dylan’s Tree house.

Dylan is my next door neighbour, we have been best friends for as long as I can remember, he goes to an all boys school and I go to an all girls school so we don’t need to worry about keeping it secret, which is lucky because if anyone found out my popularity would go from top to bottom before you could say money!

On Dylan’s 7th birthday his parents had an old oak tree converted into a 3 rooms, central heated, tree house, it has Dylan’s bedroom, a bathroom and a living room in it, and it is basically Dylan’s house in his parent’s back yard. Every Friday night after I’ve done my homework I change into a pair of scruffy jeans and an old hoodie, tie my hair in a messy tatty pony tail, Grab a sleeping bag and a packet of Jaffa cakes and a tin of Pringles (our essential snacks) and I go over to his tree house. We watch movies and play video games and chat, his mum brings us up a takeaway pizza and we have endless cans of coke from his mini fridge. I stay the night and we hardly ever get any sleep, we always have a 3am adventure.

Our 3am adventures are my favourite thing in the world, we set an alarm for 3 and some times its riding a bike down to the end of the street, other times its jumping in Dylan’s pool in our pyjamas, My favourite time was when we ordered a curry at 3am because we felt kind of hungry and we had to give the address as the tree house in the back yard followed by Dylan’s address. Completely random and absolutely hilarious!

You are probably thinking ‘I thought I was supposed to hate this girl’ but don’t worry… you will.

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