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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1917142
Justice cannot die>+<

        Through all her B-movie career Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to be
    loved. She desperately sought out the affections of any man,
    who resembled her famous father: Tony Perkins. Tony had met her
    mother on the Hitchcock classic Psycho. They had been hired as
    crew members, assembling sets and fell instantly into fornication;
    a very common event on film sets. Jamie Lee was the bastard daughter
    of Janet Leigh. Jamie never knew Tony well enough, which led her to
    a lifetime of one night stands and aborted marriages.

        Thanks to her guru she could trade in her brittle narrow life and
    start a new life in Zyra. Zyra had died from an aneurysm surgery.
    She was the perfect vessel for Jamie Lee's tormented soul.
    Jamie was in a comma from a severe case of chicken pox.
    Mrs. Curtis' guru had given the power of attorney to Zyra.
    The girl's memories of war crimes against her family so upset
    Jamie's spirit she was felt compelled to ask Obama for assistance.
    But, how could Jamie reach the President in her present body as

        Zyra went on the David Letterman Show as a human interest story.
    She explained that she was Jamie Lee Curtis' adopted daughter and
    desperately wanted to be reunited with her biological parents.
    "I know Obama watches your show. Please Mr. President if you can
    help me find my parents in Lybia, I will donate a million dollars to the
    charity of your choice." Zyra pleaded. The President was quick to reply
    through a spokes person~

                "Although President Obama is very concerned about the
                safety of all people in Lybia. He cannot order a cease fire
                in the civil unrest in that region. We must pray that the
                Lybian people and the international community can resolve
                these troubling times in Lybia."

    Jamie Lee was furious, but Zyra felt no anger. She had accepted the
    futility of words against the terror of immoral men. Jamie Lee released the
    girl from her spiritual possession and sat up from her coma and
    laughed. Under the awakening of her rebirth she had found a love
    that was greater than her lust for men. She had crossed a bridge to
    total freedom,  but Zyra had complete control over Jamie's assets
    through the power of attorney. The process of regaining independence
    had begun again for the 53 year old dame of Broadway.
    And she relished the challenges ahead.

    ^ ^

    Reflections~ The collective unconscious is aware of the universal
                        zietgiest to be free and loved within the masculine
                        feminine of spiritual evolution.
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