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Prince was forced to break up with his girlfriend, so he ran off with her.
Prince Mark hadn't been seen for about 24 hours. He had failed to show up at his engagment party. The King's private secretary had gone to the apartment where Prince Mark lived and had knocked on the door.  No answer.  He called the King and Queen who quickly drove over to the apartment.  There was a note on the table.  When the Queen read it, she fainted and hit her head on the table. 

The Flowers Navy had docked at Key West at 6:00 a.m..  Prince Mark had called Mia on a pay phone telling her that she had arrived.  She had arrived in Key West the day before. They hugged and kissed each other. A taxi took them to the dock where they boarded a boat for Dry Tortugas Park. 

The couple on the boat danced to the song, "Always and Forever" as those on the boat watched.

"Let's give a hand to Mia and Mark Flowers, who recently got married in Vegas." said Captain Brown. 

Those on the boat clapped and cheered.

An FBI Agent had gotten a video recording on the couple dancing from some individuals who were on the same boat and had recognized the couple from the photo shown to them. After the boat had landed in Dry Tortugas, the couple had basically vanished with the boat  They had taken the boat while the group was touring the park.  No one noticed that the boat was missing until a couple of hours later.  The Captain had called the Coast Guard to report a theft of the boat.  Others who later arrived said that they had seen the couple on the boat headed back towards Key West. 

The boat didn't go to Key West but went to Ft. Myers.  As they were near Ft. Myers, they heard on the radio that a BOLO had been issued for them.  They couldn't land the boat at Ft. Myers.  They went to Sanibal Island instead.  They went to Ft. Myers Beach and ditched the boat. There were very few people out on the beach as it was November and it was a little nippy outside.  They called a taxi which took them to the dock.  They gave the taxi driver a good tip. 

It was now about 4:00 p.m.  Mia quickly got unto I-75. She was careful not to drive too fast or over the speed limit.  She turned on the radio. She took a short-cut by getting off at State Road 27 which she went north.  She made good time getting close to I-4.  She debated over getting unto I-4 as she had heard on the radio that the boat they had taken had been found in Ft. Myers.  Prince Mark had left a note saying that they would be staying in Ft. Myers Beach. 

They probably would have arrived in Ponce Inlet earlier but she had taken the long way home to avoid a road block.  It was about midnight when they finally arrived. 




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