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Myth/folktale I had to write for English class. Wanna know how I did.
Friends in the Forest
It is said that when the world had been created man was not the first living things on the planet. For centuries the world was inhabited by all sorts of creatures ranging from the deep dark depths of the ocean to the highest mountains of the world to those of the sky. Since the beginning these creatures have learned the ways of the world and what was needed to survive. The only took what was no longer needed by the earth and return so her something of equal value. They never took anything more than what was offered or needed and never returned anything less than what they took.
From birth every creature is taught the basics of life. What you can and can’t take from earth, how to hunt for what is given. Where you are from and where you are headed. The creatures after being on the planet for so long have always known what to do every second of every day of their lives because that is exactly what their ancestors have done.
Well one night the gods watching over the world decided that it is time for change. They want a creature to rise up and become ruler of the world because the current creatures only had belief in the earth and worshiped it alone. They had no knowledge of the gods above who created them. The gods wanted the other creatures to fear and respect the new creature while the ruling creatures respect the gods. So they created and creature who is furless and stands upright, a creature that can walk and run on land, a creature that could climb the trees and mountains. And the creature was a valiant swimmer. The gods had created us, Mankind. But there was a downfall to this plan of theirs. Since we were new to the world we had no knowledge of what to do. Unlike all the other creatures that had many generations before them to show and teach them everything they know now.
Within the first day in the world man had wondered far across the open planes seeing nothing but themselves when the find a forest in the distance. Unsure of what it is they walk towards in hopes of information on life and who they are. As they got closer to the forest they started to hear sounds causing some of them to rethink heading to the forest.
When they had become feet away from the edge of the forest they had come to a complete stop. Some of them did not want to head into the forest. They feared what they did not know about the world and believed they were not ready to face what was in there. This had caused the group of man to split. The half of the group that did not want to head into the forest headed back into the desert to remain for the rest of their existence, while those who remained headed in to the unknown forest.
Filled with curiosity and a little bit of fear the group walked for hours through the forest being cautious with every step.  Everywhere they turned it looked the same with these strange sounds coming from there. The deeper they were into the forest the louder the sounds had become. By night fall no one in the group new where they were or what next to do so they decided to stop where they were for the night and sleep.
At sunrise they all were in pain in their stomachs with dry mouths and were unsure of what to do about this so they stumble around in hopes of a solution. Hour after hour they stumbled till they could no longer walk and slowly passed out on the ground. As they awoke the group of people noticed that they were no longer where they fell asleep and that their mouths where no longer dry, but their stomachs were still in pain. Out of nowhere a mother bear a fox and a coyote began to approach bringing them fish, fruit, and parts from animals that have past-away not to recently. One by one the three creatures drop some of the food they were carrying in front of the humans and started to each nudging them to do the same. After a few moments of staring at the strange creatures the humans began to mimic the animals and in shock their stomachs began to lose the pain that has been irritating them since creation.
The humans scarfed the food down without hesitation after they had learned what to do and gestured towards the animals for more. So the animals showed the humans what it was that they needed to do to be able to receive the food that was essential to surviving. The animals taught the humans how to determine what fruit was best for them and when to pic it, when you can eat the meat of another creature, and water most importantly. Where fresh water was and that it was much more important than food.
Being grateful for the knowledge that the animals had gracefully given the new creatures of the world the humans had decided that that is where the will live out their lives so if they had any more questions they were able to learn from the animals of the forest.
Well after a few decades had past the humans of the forest came into contact with those who remained in the desert and realized that the desert people were much darker than those of the forest and had different values on the earth. Unlike those of the forest the desert people did not wait for the animals to die so they could eat the meat. Instead they killed for their food and that they had grown immunity to some fruits that were not healthy for creatures of that sort because they have been eating it all their lives. The two groups were not fond of the life styles of the others so they tried to not cross paths from that point on, but every now and then you would get the random few that would fall in love with someone from the other pack and mated mixing the different styles of live and physical aspects. Thus creating the different people we have today.
This was a myth that told why man was created and how they learned how to survive. Among learning the essentials to surviving; over time man managed to mix, causing such diversity in the species that even though they were so different they were still the same. And even though the gods’ plan was not completely successful, man did rise up and eventually consider themselves better than the animals because they lost track of their belief that you only take what you need and give back in equal value.
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