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You walk into your house and see a beautiful woman there on your couch. Man preferred
You are exhausted. The office worked you extra hard today. Damn Mr. Conroy kept you there for five hours! You are in your car at a stoplight. The traffic is heavy and you need to get home for supper. The light turns green and everyone lets their brake pedal go and make their foot go on the gas. You do the same and take off down the right lane.

It was an hour drive but you finally made it home. You open the garage door and park your car in it. You get out, lock it, and head for the door to the house. You hang your jacket up and notice there is a woman sitting in your living room!
"How did you get in?" you ask.
"I broke in the back." she responds.
You feel like you like this girl and you want to jam your penis in her mouth.
"Do you want to come to my room?" you ask. All she does is follow you.

She sits on your bed and you pull her pants off to see she is not wearing any underwear. You get out your penis and put on a condom. You then insert your penis into her vagina and start pumping. She moans so loud and cums all over you four times before you cum and release all your tension.
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