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A longtime ago in the federation...
        "Spock why can't I beat you at chess?" James Kirk folds his arms
    in front of the three level chess board.

        "Captain, I am a Vulcan." Spoke raises one eyebrow and checkmates
    his captain.

          "But.... Spock, I've outwitted every adversary in the galaxy .. why...
    should you be any different?" James waves hands around the
    the chess game, when the ship alarm sounds.

          The two comrades race for the bridge.

          "Captain! There is a battle ahead, involving two class E ships."
    Lieutenant Sulu shouts as he raises the shields. "Class E." the Captain
    ponders. A class E ship matched the Enterprise in warp capabilities,
    but is no match for her firepower. "Well?... Spock should we pick a side?"
    Kirk smirked.

          "The Prime Directive is clear, noninterference with other cultures must
    be enforced." Spock looked coldly back at his captain.
            "Sulu." the captain queried as he sat in his command chair and
    folded his arms. "Hail them."

            "Hail them, sir?" Sulu looked amazed at the captain.

            "You heard me. Hail them. We are asking for a cease fire."
    Kirk spun his chair about to look at Spock. "The Prime Directive also
    upholds the rights of all sentient lifeforms to be protected."
    Spock rolled his eyes, "You maybe involving the Federation in a
    galactic war."

            A massive Star Cruiser approaches the Enterprise.
    It is preceded by a small scout ship. "Captain. The scout ship is
    hailing us." Sulu replies. "Put them on." the captain orders, leaning forward
    in his chair.

            "This is Luke Skywalker. I urgently, request asylum."
    "Well, Mr. Spock? Should we invite him to dinner?" Kirk gives a toothy smile.

    "I believe we have no choice." the Vulcan replies coldly.

    "Sir, the scout vessel's shields are failing." Sulu interjected as the Star Cruiser
    continues to fire on the tiny scout ship. "Has the larger ship responded to our
    hails?" Kirk asked. "No. Sir." Sulu looked grimly at the massive ship headed
    straight for them.

              "Fire full fazers at the larger vessel's.. bridge." Kirk rubbed his mouth.
      The Enterprise's fazer can split a planet. The fazers decapitate the bridge
      of the massive Star Cruiser. The cruiser drifts .. in a leftward yore.
      "Captain. I've beamed the young man on board." Scotty spoke through
      the intercom . "His ship broke apart."

      "Sulu the bridge is yours. Spock let's meet our guest." the captain stated.
      Spock and Kirk enter the the turbo elevator and move quickly to the
      transporter room, where Scotty the engineer, is standing with the guest.

      "Welcome to the Enterprise!" Kirk gave a broad smile to the stranger.

      "Your hospitality is most welcome. Are you from the outer colonies?"
      Luke Skywalker answered with a smile and a question.

      "We are not from this galaxy." Spock answered with a raised eyebrow.
      "Fascinating. I am a member of a band of Rebels, who fight for democracy in
      a galaxy ruled by an Emperor. Do you have an interest in our struggle?"

            "We are bound by a Federation of planetary laws and treaties.
      The most important of which is the Prime Directive of non involvement
      in the development of alien cultures not bound by Federation treaty."
      Spock answered, looking directly at Kirk.

      "I see. You need permission from your Federation to intervene in the
      genocide of my people. How unfortunate." Luke smiled and bowed to
      Spoke and Kirk.

            "Well... a Star Fleet Captain can make command decisions
      in an emergency." Kirk smiled back. Spock looked annoyed.
      "But, we only have your word that these crimes are occurring.
      We'll return you to your people and investigate .. the situation."
      Kirk clapped his hands and guided the young visiter to a room
      with a bunk.

            "Captain you must contact Star Fleet, before you go any
      further." Spock's voice was tense.

            "Spock. That's the next thing I'm doing. Are you upset?"
      Kirk winked at Scotty.

              "I am incapable of emotion. I am a Vulcan." Spock eyes

              "He looks a wee upset. Vulcans repress their emotions
    and you look like your about to burst." Scotty laughed.

              "I fail to see the humor in starting a galactic war." Spock's
    answer was logical.

              "War is a necessary outcome against evil." Luke answered

    to be continued....

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