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Just my take on a fairytale
A single rose amidst the weeds
So gracefully benign
Forced into rags and tatters
But her beauty still would shine.

Her hair as gold as sunlight
With eyes that shone like dew
A kindred smile and porcelain skin
And heart so pure and true.

To her the moon was beautiful
The stars even more so
Night gave her a freedom
That daylight could not show.

She worked from rise till sunset
Always hoped to be reprieved
From the step-mother who hated her
Still one day ~ she believed.

Though she felt such isolation
From the treatment she endured
She found her solace in the things
Society ignored.

Like the beauty in the twinkling stars,
The way the clouds float by,
Or how the moon consistantly
Alit the midnight sky

One day there came a letter
Much to others dismay
A ball held by the royals
To be held that very day

So taking out her needle
She designed a perfect dress
That her step mother ripped into shreds
A cut would hurt no less

Once they had all departed
By her window she did weep
And wished upon the brightest star
A wish so pure and deep

A beam of light then flickered
And much to her surprise
That standing there before her
A fairy who had heard her cries

"My dear" she cooed in gentle voice
"I heard your solemn plight"
"I give to you what you desire"
"But only till midnight"

The girl, she looked in wonder
As the rags she once did wear
Were now a dress of spider silk
Glass shoes where once was bare

"Oh thankyou!" She cried in delight
"Your welcome" she did call
A carraige from a pumpin
Then took her to the ball

Once there she was the envy
Her dress the guests all eyed
The ball was there to find the prince
A pefect princess bride

"May i dance?" He called to her
"Of course" the girl then said
She danced with him the whole night through
Till midnight when she fled

He chased her down a flight of steps
But only found her shoe
"I really need to find her"
She was the one; her knew!

He trecked the land for many days
And finally did find
The house that held the beauty
That was there inside his mind

"Please try this shoe?" He pleaded
And her foot slipped perfectly
"You are the one" he shouted
She said "you are my destiny"

She never thought he'd find her
This man she once did meet
Prince charming he had saved her
He had made her life complete.
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