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A Star wars epic (part 7) Only a few parts left until the grand finale!
         A lake formed ahead. He gently offers his hand. He wanted to hold her hand unknowing if they were even able to. She looks up and takes it.

He smiles saying, "I didn't know if I could."

She smiles back, "I can control my abilities."

Walking upon the shores they then lay between the water and land. He kisses her softly. They whisper and embrace.

He grew serious and withheld the question before saying, "Would you be my wife Nyieria?"

She kisses him and says, "Yes Aevirek."

         They married there upon the green sands beneath the trapped streaks of starlight surrounded by water. He takes her hand and they walk along the shore. She sang for the first time. He had never heard such sounds before. It's sweetness and beauty brought him tears. Like a story he saw in the melody their love and took her into his arms. Walking into the waters they submerge. He kisses her guiding her beneath the gentle waves. They rise and float together staring into the stars and each other.

         A small island neared. Taking his bride up into his arms he lays her down on soft grass. Laying upon her they savor each kiss and touch. She looks as if an angel between each kiss. Her love grows and speaks to him of such love. He warmly blushes. They remain for weeks upon the island.

Through the nights he vows to remain with her. She whispers in the day of eternal love.

         Before leaving the island he whispers to her asking for a request. Nyieria nods taking his hand. The earth below him sprouts silver and takes a form into a perfect circle. It ripples below him until it slowly rises up his body consuming him. Like a sheet, the silver falls away from his body revealing his new great wings.

         He approached her quietly and gently took her head into his hand and leaned in kissing her. She kissed back and soon they were passionately unable to stop. He raised his angelic wings and powerfully took off taking her hand in his and they flew about the room. Embracing each other in mid-flight they would kiss and then fall and rise again before hitting anything and repeat the kiss again.
Getting lost in one another he flew to an empty field. He embraced her and laid her down. They made the sweetest love and fell asleep in each others arms. While asleep he returns to his former form in a bright flash.

         At the rise of a new morning, and without words, he walks with her through low grassy fields. A sound cries out in echoes coming from woods in the distance. Puzzled they work their way towards the sounds. In the clearing by the trees a creature lay in agony. As they neared coos coming from with the dark jungle grew agitated. A dozen of the monkey like animals leapt out in protection. Nyieria spoke, calming the fearing animals. She knelt beside the hurt creature and touched it.

Looking up she says, "They need help moving this little one to their shelter."

         He hesitated. She stared back in a serious tone. He sighed in the fashion that she did and laughed under his breath. Taking the creature in his arms he shrugged unknowing where to go. The creatures understood and hopped around crying out before
leading them in the jungle.

The wood expanded on. The procession was too slow for his tastes. They decided to rest by a pond. He watches as she swims and admires her. None of the creatures swam and kept trying to pull her out. He trips one into the water and was met with a hostile swarm of mad fur. She pulls it out of the water and laughs. They keep moving seeing strange static around them. The air filled with sparkles. He looked back at Nyieria and sees her shake her head unknowing. The sound of thunder echoed. He crouched quickly to the loud sound. He noticed he was the only one and stood up straight again still holding onto the wounded animal. I giant ball of lightning formed in brilliant colors above them. Within the air high near the treetops great balls formed in quick flashes.

****INCOMPLETE XD sorry! ****
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