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Cophrigin: the untold version (part 8) Grand finally is next!
         The base of the mountain pass spread before them. The coos of excitement filled the air. They had brought them to a massive stoney structure that had naturally been formed. It looked like a crudely made remains of a decaying temple. It showed signs of previously being found by life other than their own.

         Walking past a metallic sheet it was obvious that explorers had once been here for a brief moment. With nothing to be found on the planet they had left equipment that they no longer needed. The cave like darkness within the structure was filled with the creatures. peering in they adjusted their eyes and found it to be rather refined. Aevirek found a light source and turned it on.

         Hundreds of years had passed since it's use and it struggles to produce light. A distant whirr comes alive and soon the ceiling filled with light running down into a tunnel. The creatures had woven branches within the large shelves that ran the sides of the tunnel making nests. The creatures excitedly ran them along deeper into the tunnel.

         They walk past labs and several broken machines that noticeably no longer worked. Finding a working holodeck they replay it's last messages watching the
explorers talk about several medicines, poisons and animals which were new. They concluded the creatures that had found them were intelligent but in a primal sense and were not considered to be of a species like humans. Thusly the planet was abandoned and not of any real worth for colonization.

         It blacks out and they continue walking to find rooms in which to sleep. Like a tomb they had remained untouched behind closed doors and were clean. A loyal robot that had managed to remain maintained the singular room it had been left in. He checked it wondering how it had done so without maintenance of its own. It was an older model and could not communicate. They set it free and let the creatures play with it. Closing the door he turns to her with affection. Taking her within his arms he lifts her smiling and kisses her. She smiles and kisses back.

"Is this okay for the night?" He asks putting her down.

"Yes, Aeverik." She says still smiling.

He kisses her hand and tenderly holds her.

         The days pass and they grew content with the surroundings and friendly neighbors. She started to teach the creatures like pets to gather fresh food for them. He mused at this. The creatures had thought at first she wanted soft branches for a nest. At night she would dance before a fire for Aeverik. He played with the flames to her form. Her happiness drew happiness into himself satisfying in ways he had never expected. The days melted away into months which fell into years. He noticed they never aged but rather enjoyed his youthful bride and never felt reason to question this. His mind would sometimes wonder if this was a dream and vowed his mind to never wake from her. He noticed ever detail of her. Although she was happy he saw in her eyes she belong back in her home within her

Approaching Nyieria one day he asked, "Do you wish to go back? "

"Go back where?" She said smiling towards him.

"Back home?" He finally said.

"I think about it in certain moments," She said, "But we are lost."

"I will be with you," He said, "And help you. We can find it. I know that's where you would like to be."

She held him. "If you think that we can then we will," she said. "In morning we shall go. "

He kissed her deeply.

         They awoke early as to not stir the gently creatures. She knew they had grown fond of her and would not willing let her leave. Taking a pack they had found and filled with food and containers of water they quietly crept away. The steady climb up the mountain took almost the whole day.

         The discovery of their absence left the creatures loudly searching for them. Taking her up in his arms he carries her quickly to the base. Upon the summit they had seen familiar mountains. Once more through deep prairies a path was set towards their goal.
They slept beneath the stars. He held her remember the first starry night they shared. His heart was filled with love for her and cherished her more deeply than even she would know. He rubbed her hand listening to the steady breathing of her sleep. Drifting away they joined in his dreams.

         She awoke to a kiss and slowly opened her eyes. Lifting her he carries her sleeping body until she was able to walk. They near a stream and drink. A small berried flower fragrantly filled the air. He eats it with her and places the sweet flower into her hair. She happily begins to run and he follows. Quickly finding themselves before a steep cliff She looks up daringly.

"We can find a better way." He said.

"It goes on like this for too long." She said in observation.

         She starts to climb and he follows carefully beneath her. The mountainous cliff was slicker than it appeared and he warns her of this. Nyieria flashed a look of concern as they climbed the steep terrain. Her hand reaches up as she looks down carefully
placing her footing on the muddied rocks. He was still close behind helping her. She felt the earth shift as she pulled her body closer to the ledge.

         As she peered over a robotic face met hers. It clicked in response and blankly unmoved. Ignoring it she reached down helping Aevirek. Brushing the dirt away they watched as the robot began loading it's weapons. It glances Nyieria forcing them to run and hide.

         Foregoing the easier paths they wind though the construction of vines with the aid of his saber. The robot trailed close behind still attacking. She barks out orders but it's programmed target had been Aevirek. They both split climbing nearby trees. It crept by engines spinning fast and disappears into thick brush. She leaps into Aevirek's tree and joins him. He steadies his saber asking her without words to wait. He glides down
to the ground and seemingly vanished.

         She waited listening to the awkward battle elevated as rogue robots joined into the battle. A stray ray pierces a nearby branch. She begins to leave but is caught by a second ray. She covered her wounded side and continues to move away from the tree. Climbing down she makes her way back towards the cliff. The final blows of his saber destroy the last robot.

         He calms and listens for Nyieria. The faint sound of her struggled breathing alarms him. He rushes to her finding her curled form. A small pool of blood was collecting around her. Neither say a word as he collects her into his arms. He held pressure knowing the wound was still to deep. She held back sounds of discomfort. He looks upon her face never breaking his stare. He is lead by the sounds of water. Her hand weakly reaches up and softly caressed his face. She smiles as her eyes close and whispers, Aevirek.

         He held her tightly as a light arose around her from every direction. it dissipates in many colors much like rainbows. A fair blue continued to glow around her body. He felt the rush of both gravity and wind forcing him to kneel with her. The last breathe escapes breaking his heart. He holds her closer and continues to follow the sounds of water.

         Leading into the enclosure he finds the garden they had been searching for, for so long. He placed her upon flowers and sits beside her looking for a place for her to rest. He begins to reflect on all the time they spent together. His eyes shifted to see a veil fall into the garden. It formed like mist into a familiar shape and continued to approach him. The ghost of the former master Jedi stood before him. He looked away and down at Nyieria. The ghost seemed to be talking but he knew it was not for himself.

         He spots flowers he had once picked for Nyieria and carefully begins to remove earth away until it deepened into the ground. Stones were placed flat and formed walls. He filled the bottom with the brilliant flowers and returned to her. Taking her for the last time he placed her within the tomb and sealed it with a large flat stone. He remained unmoving watching the tomb. The ghost appears behind him holding the old flower.

"I grew this for her." An'ya Kuro said.

"I understand now." He said.

This pained him more so than when he had first met Nyieria and the single touch that bonded them together throughout time. The ghost leaves with the flower upon the grave. leaving him completely in solitude. He watched over the tomb in diligence. A crack in the sky loudly echoes, disturbing his peace with her.

The End of Part 8.
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