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Society is evolving !

                    Cornelious believed that society was perfecting itself
      through the rule of law and self determination ..
      Although, the extravagant society he lived in was hedonistic.
      He firmly believed that social conventions naturally encouraged family
      Although, he himself had been divorced and had children outside
      of the covenant of marriage, Cornelious was repentant.
      He could see the possibility for great good, if the people voted
      for a strict orderly administration.
      Cornelious, forgave his executioner, while he plead for an end
      to capital punishment of religious people. +
      Cornelious died for sedition, but he knew that justice would prevail
      in the hearts of the good people, who would be executed after him.

      Reflections~ Religion reveals the need for God, but what does God want?


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                                              Essay II

                                        What is Heaven?

      According to the Catholic Encyclopedia~Heaven is a place where the
      glory of God is revealed.

                Saint Cornelious was in Heaven. He had proved himself worthy.
      His glorified body was similar to his corporeal body, but perfect.
      Heaven is a return to Paradise, i.e., Eden in Genesis. The Saint was
      very happy. Unfortunately, all creatures of God are imperfect in that
      they remain separate from God.

                Saint Cornelious still had not given his entire being to God.
      But, he was happy in Eden. Cornelious enjoyed the warm summer
      breeze and the sweet holy water as well as the sweet figs and other
      fruits. Corporeal memories are important to humans.
      An angel appeared to the saint in the form of a dove and spoke to
      him without making words. The dove explained that this Eden was a
      place to clear all irrelevant feelings, so that he could cross the
      bridge of total clarity to God. The saint was concerned about his ex-wife
      and children. The dove said they were no longer his concern.

                Saint Cornelious begged to return to Babylon to see if
        they were safe. The Dove agreed. His wife had been sold into prostitution
        and his children were being reeducated in hedonistic slavery.
        The saint tried to intervene, but was helpless. The dove said that his
        feelings for them prevented him from crossing the bridge to total happiness.
        Saint Cornelious became angry and his face turned white with fear
        as he beheld the fires of Hell.

                  Hell is a place where tormented souls go, who cannot accept
        the judgement of God. "Will they find God?" the saint cried out from the
        pit of despair. "No." the dove replied and flew away.

                                "Cornelious." a voice spoke from the fire.

        It was the Devil. "Your torment is very warming." the voice continued.
        The Devil was pleased with the fire that Cornelious had made in Hell.
        Cornelious cried out for forgiveness and was cooled in the waters of
        Eden. The saint lay on the soothing banks of the Euphrates and wept.
        Then the dove spoke to him, "Do not question the judgement of God.
        God wills good to come from evil." Cornelious nodded in agreement
        and was consumed by the glory of God.

                  His wife and children had made their choice to follow Babylon
        to the sulfur pits of Sodom and Gomorrah. They would enjoy worldly
        pleasures and fornication .. They would never surrender themselves to
        God and martyrdom. Cornelious accepted God and God was everything.
        "God wills good to come from evil." he prayed.

        Reflections~ What God wants is everything.



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