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by Mr
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #1918600
It's got bugs, TV, and capitalised nouns. Enjoy!
All My Loveliness

Parched, thirsty, sand in my eyes
I awoke. Stumbled left foot, right foot
Upright, sat on my bed.
TV thundering all Communication,
From the intergalactic in circular motion.
Down to awake me, just as nature calls.
I fill the porcelain with toxic fluids.
They came from my body and I feel frozen
Somebody left the window open,
And the Cold invaded.

See my breath boom and dissipate.

It could be a movie where the bombs drop.
But they don't. There's this infiltrating buzzing though.
Dinning bounce all buzz a wasp zzzzz
Scrambling for signs hoping to be caught
And woosh down the line zzzzz
But it stays huzzing to itself.

I see its colleagues on the floor.
Not just wasps, but also moths,
daddy-long-legs, beetle-bugs, cockroaches.
Fossilised. Break in two at the touch of you.
From whence?
I look (zzzz) and find (zzzz)
A Compost Muck (zzzz), putrid smell
Squelch wet. Hot with Ecology
zz zzz zzzz
(“Get off”)

A organism unto itself. Soft, little critters swarming
Tickling the Wetness, the Substance that is themselves
On this Sludge on the bathroom floor.
And I touch it.

The waste sits under your nails and
Everything runs. Fast forward. Under your arms.
It's everywhere (...zzzzzzzzz...)
Fleshy and ant colonies and everything gluing to you.
You're another place to live.
While you're TV's glaring.
Warm, doughy. Wriggle worms, beetles in my ears.
My hand sinks further
“...zzzzzz...” but much louder.
And the TV's shouting. A wallop bang!
(Probably episode 2) as I slip in hellish bright light.
Cheek to floor.
Mouth consuming bug troops,
Down my trachea, into the alveoli, to the new Colonies.
Sliding on mucus, gums, lips,
Roof of my mouth, making my throat choke.
One starts from one end, the other from the other.
They meet in the Middle.
As I lie there, TV still receiving (zzzz)
Absorbing, translating and talking.
To live bodies, full of meat and brain.
To the end of earth, after all decay,
As I am sucked into the ground.
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