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Memories, Dreams and Magic+

          Ronald Regan said that we should have a satellite defense system
    in the event of an invasion from outer space .. He called it Star Wars.
    George Norri has a radio show devoted to understanding the UFO
    phenomenon. I have my radio clock set to it at 3:30am.
    But, what the Hell am I suppose to do about it?  I remember Buck Rogers
    and Ming the Merciless. Even Buck Rogers realized he needed to steal
    Ming's technology to fight his saucer armada.

        Let's say your an E.T. and you want the natural resources of earth.
    But, the humans are polluting it. Well, you might orbit the planet and blow
    up the humans. That's where Regan's Star Wars comes into play.
    The Earth's battle satellites could fire lasers at the flying saucer fleet
    from Mongo. Not that it would do any good against flying saucers that
    can travel billions of miles through space debris. It's not likely, in the
    present economic strife, that anyone on Earth is going to pay for more
    spaceships to defend Earth .. So, we're screwed.

          Ever wonder why anyone would choose a career at NASA?
    You'd have more job security at Wal-Mart or in weapons manufacturing.
    An E.T. might be benevolent, like Jesus. Maybe, that's why were not toast.
    Imagine a global community driven by compassion... Nay.
    People can be bought and governments are corrupt. This is a bit off topic.
    We had 2 feet of snow in Maine with drifts of 6 feet. The city was shut down
    except for McDonalds and Duncan Donuts. Yes, the employees of these
    fast food restaurants were expected to drive through a blizzard to make
    donuts and burgers. What would an E.T. think about that?

        A consumer driven society will eventual run out of stuff. This isn't
    rocket science! Jeeze! Water is very precious. Were loosing fresh water
    reservoirs to over population and pollution. Las Vegas is built in a desert .
    They keep building bigger casinos and hotels there. Where are they going
    to get the water? Electricity is not a power source .. It has to be generated.
    How many volts does a casino take? Is that megawatts? Dose Vagas need
    a string of nuclear power plants?

        I love The Chariots of the God's. I read it in high school.
    The concept~E.T. seeds Earth with humanoid monkey people and
    guides their social evolution with religion, which the E.T. back up
    with their pyrotechnique. Presto! The Chariots of the Gods!
    Think about what is happening to the governments of the world.
    And now imagine what these E.T.s will do. One old trick is to do nothing
    until all the wars have destroyed the combatants and then make a grand
    appearance as a savior. The C.I.A. has projectors that can project a giant
    image of Jesus in the sky.  A war weary people might fall for it.

        Ironically, if all life is vaporized on Earth by detonating too many
    nukes in the atmosphere .. There might be a chance of hitch hiking a
    ride on a flying saucer. or the Mars colonization program might work
    or Jesus could really return and save everybody or I could win the lottery
    and find a clean source of unlimited energy.. like cold fusion...

    or we could run a copper cable up to the ionosphere and bring down lightning
    to light up Vagas.. or tap the bioenergy around the planet . A tree can light
    up a lap top computer if we knew how to plug it in.

    The Moon could be a base for flying saucer Jesus.
    Let's all pray to the full Moon and dance naked together.
    This was an ancient pagan ritual..
    Your lucky numbers :  04 29 30 31 38 05.
    The flying saucer men will understand and help me win the Power Ball.
    Thank you for reading this and have a lunar day.



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