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Exercise of fifteen sentences that needed fixed for our assignment for Lessson #5.
1.If the weather is good, (2) he will play golf and,(23) of course,(23) he will win.

2. He plans on using the old ,(3)cherished(4) nine iron(7) that his father gave him when he was a boy.

3. Winnie teaches her grand nieces and nephews about the family history(18) and shows them pictures of their ancestors. (stands correct)

4. I too was scared. (stands correct)

5. Bob writes poetry(18) and assists the New Horizons instructors. Still,(11) he has time for daily reviews.

6. Editing her rough draft,(0 checking every comma,(8) and correcting misspelled words were time-consuming,(1) but her work paid off in the end.

7. This is the fifth Lesson in the Comma Sense Class, we have one more Lesson to endure.
This is the fifth Lesson in the Comma Sense Class.(20)We have one more lesson to endure.

8. Winnie,(5) who has a dog named Pancho,(5) is concerned about animal abuse,(10x) donating time and money to shelters.

9. The popular(4) Writer's Cramp Contest judge Sophy(22) is fair and trustworthy. (stands correct)

10. Donating her time assisting newbies,(9) Story Mistress is an invaluable(4) WDC mentor.

11. To achieve perfection in proper comma usage is difficult,(24) not unattainable.

12. Alas,(12) the fairy who had the broken wing(6) could no longer fly.

13. Amazingly,(14) everyone survived the Comma Sense Class.

14. George,(21} the armed gopher,(21) loves to stuff jelly beans in his cheeks.

15. The term almost over,(16) Winnie will(15) fortunately be able(15) to lay the dreaded ruler aside.


Vicki's Grade for Lesson #5

Here's your overall grade for Lesson #5

Break-down of your grade for this lesson:
65.45-----Exercise (75% of total grade)
15---------Discussion - Topic Answers (15% of total grade)
10---------Discussion – Interaction (10% of total grade)
00---------Extra Credit

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