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The upper crust - er, I mean shelf! *smile*
Prompt for: February 11, 2013
Subject or Theme: Include this line: On the upper shelf
Word(s) to Include: (See above)
Forbidden Word(s): book(s), doll(s), dust(s/y), memory(ies), remember(s)
Additional Parameters: None.

The Upper Shelf

I’ve an odd sort of office as publishers go, no cubicles, odd potted ferns,
I’ve designed this place, just so you know, as a place one creates, one writes, one learns.
Just inside the open French door in reception is a general’s writing table
used in The Spanish American War, and my Eldertree tree growing up through the gable.
In the tree is a dragon who guards and the leaves hanging down represent my authors,
Fairies flit among gem-like shards over hanging a display case with all our offers.

My office inside looks much like a cottage complete with ivy and stone chimney in place.
The lighting is dim, I’m a fan of low wattage, but works well with furniture I have in the space.
Of course there are shelves, eclectic additions, of what one should expect given my passion:
Mostly antique, leather-bound editions, watched over by critters—after a fashion!
One never knows exactly what they might find if they were to come and pay a call--
Perhaps some Schultz or Mort Green, signed, or a yet another dragon, which’s six feet tall!

On the higher shelves of each are displayed various things little fingers can’t touch:
Antique decanter covered in suede, my collection of crystal bottles and such,
A feathered rook who roams at will, (you never know just where he’ll perch)
A champagne bottle, old pepper mill, three cloisonné frogs and a box made of birch.
A fairy door going into old barn siding, a griffon resting with forepaws crossed,
A Chrittenwald peeking from where he’s hiding, and a leather round with my tree embossed.

If I were one day to come back as an elf, I’d so have to live on an upper shelf
Because that’s where the fun stuff always abides and that’s where I’d want to play and hide!

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