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Jarrod learns a lesson. Flash challenge entry.
“But Master, you can’t be serious.” Jarrod said, dismayed.

“Why is it that I cannot?” His Master’s voice was calm as he fed the seed fire between his palms.

Jarrod tore his eyes away from the shimmering globe to focus on his Master, the age lines on his forehead and at the corners of his eyes carved deeper as he concentrated on his task.

“Because… it is wrong!” Jarrod cried out; fear gripping him as he watched his gentle Master plan genocide. 

Seemingly heedless of his pleas his Master strode past him to the balcony that over looked the village below.

“They are but insects.” His Master replied impassively.

Realizing what was happening Jarrod ran to his Master and falling to his knees he begged.

“No Master…please…I am sorry…I did not know!” Tears streamed down his face as he clutched his Master’s robes.

“Then you have ignored my teachings; let this be your lesson.” His master lifted his hands above his head, the seed fire now a miniature, molten inferno.

“No, I swear I have not...I was foolish and…and arrogant. I am sorry. Please punish me instead.” Jarrod begged.

“Why were you so?” His Master’s voice never lost its steady tone.

“Because all life is sacred…not just humans. Even the lives of bees.” Jarrod whispered, hopeful as he looked up to see his Master lower his hands.

His Master took the orb and threw it into the sky where it exploded into a shower of sparks.

“Stand.” His Master ordered and the two of them moved back into the study. Jarrod watched as his Master took up a napkin and with a snap of his fingers turned it into a green robe.

“With that lesson, young one, you are now a true Apprentice.” His Master smiled, handing him the robe.
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