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Query letter for my novel The Ghosts of Reseda High for the Hook Us! contest.
Who are The Ghosts of Reseda High?

Fifteen-year-old Greg Karapgosian heard about the ghost of a girl murdered in the 1970s who still haunts the campus. She isn't the only unquiet spirit he faces. His mother escaped persecution in crumbling Soviet Azerbaijan, but now faces hardship as a single mother in America. His best friend struggles to quiet an inner rage that came from years of abuse and poverty. The girl Greg yearns for, and feels he's not good enough to have, comes from a family who fled from the Rwandan genocide. But the most unquiet spirit Greg faces is Ms. Epstein, a demanding English teacher who may have a connection to the murdered student.

Greg will uncover secrets concealed for decades and truths about people he thought he knew. He will be forced to make a difficult decision that can put himself and his friends in danger. Greg will find more than he expects as he searches for The Ghosts of Reseda High. He will discover the ghosts that haunt all of us.

I have written professionally since 1983 as a technical writer, journalist, publicist, playwright, and novelist. My first novel, Offline, received glowing reviews, including a five-star review on Amazon. If you would like to learn more about me and see more samples of my work, please visit my Web site at www.matthewarnoldstern.com. You can follow me on Twitter at @maswriter.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with you.
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