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by fyn
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Experience · #1918983
We are the masters of our souls but love binds well.
Prompt for: February 12, 2013
Subject or Theme: Enslaved (by what or whom?)
Word(s) to Include: virtue(s) or virtuous(ly/ness)
Forbidden Word(s): bond(ed/s), bound, free(d/s), freedom, master(ed/s), slave(ed/ery/s)
Additional Parameters: Minimum 20 lines.

Bound by Freedom

We stand together.
You hold my heart
cupped in the palm of your soul.
I breathe in the very heart of you:
hales mingle - become we.
Pulsing blood thrums
varying rhythms
yet we dance in unison.
Two parts of the drum,
we finish sentences
for the poem requires a beat.
We stick to the
staff of who we are.
No chains bind the unwilling:
we captured
what enthralled
the other--
fed and watered; let grow.
When two are halves of a whole,
each requires the other:
for function follows form.
Subjugation of will
is voluntary; for oft times
one bends so the stronger needn't break.
My blood pumps the music that lets us sing.
Your blood is the ink that writes my life.
Once we, the virtuous, sold
our present for a future—
time bought second chances:
we stand together.

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