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Character Introduction for the challenge.
Name: Taizves Kelestris

Race: Elf, but with no relation to any kingdom.

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Red

Personality: Quiet, reserved, difficult to work with, easily angered, loner.

Appearance: Taizves stands rather tall, usually looking down at everyone he meets. With a muscular build and a rigorous workout, he is quite capable of fighting hand-to hand and breaking a few bones. He wears armor that he steals if it is of top quality and the same goes for weapons. He uses a crossbow and two daggers that hang on either side of his hips. He has a scar down the middle of his chest from a previous fight that is faded but from a lesser tan color. He usually has his hair pulled up into a high ponytail, but what sets him apart from most elves is that he has grey eyes that seem just about dead.

History: He lived among a troupe of assassins. His mother was one of their own and he was brought in to learn the ways, although he wasn't trained properly due to the whole troupe being burned to the ground. He was trading merchandise with the Dolmar Kingdom when the attack happened, and he was the sole survivor. He was nine when he taught himself the ways of combat to survive and then the way of thievery to continue surviving. He wants revenge, but it can wait if there is a job with the right price.
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