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The rain was coming down hard and cold. Taizves was grateful when he saw the smoke from the tavern ahead. He could use a place to dry off and rest. As he was greeted by the loud patrons and a heavy cloud of smoke, he found a seat at the bar.

“Aye Tyvee, it has been quite a good while. Where ‘av yoo gotten to?” his accent was thicker than the damn beard that hung from his face. Taizves never understood what women saw in dwarves.

“I’ve been around, Krashev. I’d like a dirty hare.” The voice he spoke in had been too deep for his own, or so he thought, but there it was, gruff and deep. He placed his jacket on the countertop and pulled open his leather pouch, “How much for a room tonight?” He knew damn well he would try to rip him off, but he hadn’t had much of a choice, had he now?

“Well, yoo see yoo uh asking me late ‘n all. I’s only got one more room and it’ll cost yoo a wee 37 jens.”

“37 jens? Fuck you Krashev. I’ll give you no more than 25 if the room is even worth that!” Perhaps he should’ve paid the amount; he was being a bit inconvenient. No, if anything, Krashev had more rooms and was charging Taizves way too much. He would not want to cross him; Krashev could be killed easily, leaving him with much stamina afterwards.

Maybe this was why people tried to get money from him. He did have quite a temper.

Krashev agreed to the price and collected his money as he handed over the key to the room, “’Av a good night. Maybe in the morn yoo will be ‘appier an’ tip me.” With a solid glare, Taizves climbed the staircase and retreated to his room.

When the door slid open, he could see that he had been ripped off. Krashev would regret it, but not this night as Taizves was looking forward to a warm bath and some much needed rest. He saw that the fireplace was already lit with a bucket nearby. He filled it full of water and allowed it to heat; he did this a few more times until his bath was full of steaming liquid and promises of warming him from the cold.

It was well into the night as he slipped into a slumber, but still managing to keep his guard up, as he always had. Just as he rolled to the side of the bed there was a creaking sound outside of his door. Who had known he was here? No one…except Krashev, but he knew better. Or had he?

He’d deal with him in the morning, but for now he had other things to attend to. He had a dead body to take care of, or at least he would soon. The lock was being picked and off to the other side of the door, he stood with his two daggers in hand. His tactic of ‘kill now, questions later’ never seemed to work out quite right.

As the door crept open and a woman appeared into his line of sight, he wrapped one arm around her waist, pushing the dagger deep inside of her abdomen. The next knife was resting on her neck, “Who are you?” he asked coldly, surprised a little by the fact she was still breathing. She dropped the knife as her hands went straight to comfort her abdominal region.

She leaned back against him and sighed, “I heard you were good, Taizves.” She paused and swallowed hard, the blade pressing into her skin. “I’m Reinea and I am from Dolmar.”

“Great. What do you want from me?” he asked, holding her tightly; not letting an inch of her loose.

“Only your information about the Chalice of Novorti.” She tried to slam her leg down onto his foot, but she only found herself with a new wound; a gash on her neck. She stopped, knowing fully well he was now serious.

“What is it and why do you think I know of it?” She’d tell him all of it and then he’d kill her. This was working out quite well; he’d make a note of that for future interrogations.

“It’s a relic that both kingdoms are looking for, both of which will pay a high price. You’re a thief and it so happens that you love money.” She was right. He loved money. The knife slid across her throat, opening a wound and gushing out blood. Her hands went up to try and attempt to stop the bleeding, but within a matter of minutes she was dead and he had watched it all.

He left the room and once again made his way to the bar, “Hey, Krashev.” He paused and pulled that little dwarf close to him, “So, tell me about this chalice hunt, ya?”
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