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How I finally got to having enough courage and faith. Finally laying pen to paper.
The step

              The climb was daunting. To look at where we had to get to seemed almost impossible, yet I

knew deep down it was where I had to be. Accomplishing this feat would require opening myself to

the that which I was afraid of. My angel , the one that could lead me , was no one but myself. Even

though I knew I could depend on the others that were ahead , the ultimate responsibilty rested on my

own shoulders.

              For so long I wanted to reach this goal, and yet for that time I procrastinated. Doubting

what could be done with the right motivation. So many times I sat telling myself that to get what you

want you would have to move on it. Many times  it was left behind in that safe zone where the hope

and want would remain as well. To finally commit, and taking steps no matter how small while we

climbed the cliff.

            Looking ahead , others would stumble, and instinctively a hand would reach out. Each then

getting back to their feet, and continuing onward. Each was following their own goals, and although it

was an individual effort, together they were stronger.

              When this opportunity arose, the emotions ran high. The goal was to climb to the top of this

cliff, and jump into the lake below. It wasn’t an impossibility , and each person climbing today had

their own goals of  where they were headed. The route was not always so easy for one , as it was for

the next in line. But each had the difficulty of believing in themselves, and forging onward and past

any blocks that happened along the path.

              The climb progressed slower than what one would hope for. Nevertheless it was at a speed

that was comfortable , even the times of slipping , would somehow encourage to step forth again. Now

the top was within reach. Just a few more steps to cresting the edge itself.

              From the plateau, to all sides , the view was breathtaking . Knowing it was so close to being

So  many only had dreams of this. They were too afraid to take the plunge.

And here I stood. The encompassing forests, mountains with the wisp of clouds passing over. Fields

of grain blossoming in the distance , and the smell of the fresh wind blown air. Each breath would

fill the lungs with pride and accomplishment.

            Looking down at the lake, the glimmer of the sun reflected the surrounding scenery. Bouncing

rays of colors of all things that you always thought of. Those abilities you knew you had, and here

you stood. The fear could be felt creeping up on me. The lake seemed miles away yet was closer than

I could admit. It was all that was left , simply walk forward and plunge. Take that endless step that

could  open yourself, releasing all that bent up inside of you over the years. This was it, this is where

your determination was going to win over the procrastination that had held back for so long your

learning curve to a future . It was within reach now.

              Stepping forward, your toes feeling nothing as you slowly tilted forward. You were now

leaving Terra ferma . Wind rushed past your body, the scenery from around  holding you, as you  fell.

Looking toward the lake , coming up quickly . Deeply you took the breath, filling your lungs to

capacity before your head broke the surface of the lake. Chilly you thought to yourself , yet refreshing.

                Now all that was behind would remain in the past, but the knowledge of how you overcame

the obstacles, and the procrastination, the fear.

                Here you were with everyone to see all that you were without self doubt. That was now past

and from that you could share with others of the path  up the cliff , the step in faith to the nothingness

that was the fall into the lake.

                That was the first time I laid pen to paper. The first writing .
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