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Is there a word reductive?
        "Ah-Muzzy I don't think I want to be filmed in the shower."
    Madonna looks angrily at Muzzy and his film crew.

        "Shhhhh. Your wearing black pantyhose and this is the BBC.
    They don't worry about naked breasts." Muzzy squirts some
    Mr. Bubbles on Madonna's panties. "Oh that's perfect." he gasps.

        "So, Elton John is dissing you. Any comments?" Muzzy queries.

        "This water is getting cold. My nipples are going to pop."
    Madonna steps out of the shower and towels off her hair. Muzzy
    towels off her nipples with a hand cloth.

          "Hey-hey!" Madonna slaps Muzzy's hand.

          "I'm not a cheap trick!" she scowls.

          "Of course not, I didn't want you to catch a cold." Muzzy smiles and
    starts blow drying her crotch.

          "Whoa! Listen buddy! Back off! I've got bodyguards that'll rip your
    package off!" Madonna shouts and stomps a wet path into her living room.
    She sits on her white couch in her wet pant hose with a pink towel around
    her slender swan like neck. The two ends of the towel are covering her nipples.
    She flips the ends back to reveal their pink coronas.

            "Happy?" she smirks at Muzzy.

            "Of course! Do you feel like an older sister to lady Gaga?" Muzzy
      smirks back. Madonna is putting on red opal lips stick. It makes her teeth
      glisten like a predator feasting on raw meat.

              "This is show business buballa .. It is what it is." she runs her tongue
      over her blood red lips. "You've got to think about how far you can go, before
      people think your a joke." Madonna pulls up on her wet nylons, pointing her

            "I like you a lot." Muzzy stares at Madonna like a hungry squirrel after
      a nut. "I like Lady Gaga too, especially when she tears her nylons."
      Muzzy sips some bottle water. Madonna gives a wicked smile and starts
      to tear at her black pantyhose. "Like that?" she asks with a Cheshire Cat
      smile. "Oh-yeah..." His hand towel is over the crotch of his pleated pants.

            "Elton John is just another narcissist in this ego driven business.
            But, Lady Gaga is a jewel of imaginable value. I never meant to
            insult her. I love her." Madonna looked angelic.

            "Is it true that you will do a duet with Lady Gaga?" Muzzy pressed
            his hand cloth against his wet pleated pants.

            Madonna laughed, "If she wants to get her ass kicked!"

    Muzzy stared blankly at Madonna. "But, you love her..?"

            "Yes. But, I'm the star. I don't sing in the background." Madonna
    answered with a curled lip and narrowed eyes.

    "Thank you for your time. May I fuck you?" Muzzy asks timidly.

    Madonna laughs loudly and spreads herself out on the couch.
    "Come on.. play my violin." she quips. A hardy romp ensues as the BBC
    continues to film.


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