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by fyn
Rated: E · Poetry · Environment · #1919251
One deep breath, and you just know.
Prompt for: February 13, 2013
Subject or Theme: What's that Smell?
Word(s) to Include: confetti
Forbidden Word(s): cologne, nose(s), olfactory, odor(s), perfume(d/s), scent(ed/s), smell(ed/s)
Additional Parameters: Maximum 40 lines.

Sense of Autumn

A wisp of wood smoke
hints of burning leaves,
of a change coming.
Autumnal breeze sends
sunny aspen leaves fluttering:
yellow confetti
rains down to dapple the forest floor.
Earthy aromas of loam and soil scraped,
of musk as the buck
searches heatedly for his doe.
Much like the dog outside,
paused, poised with forepaw lifted,
head tilted to catch a whiff of Eau d’ Fall,
my husband prepares himself.
He, too, with that air about him
pauses, arrow nocked, before
inhaling the season.
With that one deep breath
he knows
it is time
to hunt.
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