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A prose poem about being a fortress amid the flakiness in my world - enjoy!
Another broken promise or subpar deed
By which I am deceived –
I once again become castrated of my manhood
By their age-old perception of gonads
And superior gumption. 

Any challenge to these blatant infractions
Would be utterly misguided,
And I must tolerate further mistrust
For our friendship to continue forward. 

In this world of mistaken identities and nonchalant brilliance,
I must endure this hypocrisy, 
For it is likely that these superior allies
Have warm and honest intentions
And that my fears and insecurities are mostly unfounded.
For what preceded these unintended slights
Are some of the most fulfilling and enjoyable moments,
And the unity, kindness, and love shown to me
In previous get-togethers
Has led me to seek further, closer interactions. 

Patience, talent, and nerves form the basis
Of a happy and blissful ending
For all parties involved,
In this deceptive, yet fruitful melee. 
For humans must comprise a fortress of solemnity;
There exists strength in numbers,
And individual ability and dignity
Form half of this auspicious, yet archaic battle. 

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