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Rated: 13+ · Article · Action/Adventure · #1919467
If Glen Beck was on crack, he'd be Alex Jones.

        "The war on terrorism is just another excuse for the government to
        fuck us over!" George Carlin.

        Mr. Carlin was arguing for less security at airports.. This was
        5 years before 9/11. Why would anyone wants less security at
        airports now?

        Enter Alex Jones/InfoWars~ "Kill anyone you want.
                                    Law has been abandoned in America."

        This could be categorized as a terrorist threat.
        Sorry, Alex your probably on a terrorist watch list.

        Oh, God give me a beer and an assault rifle!
        Here's my conjecture, assault rifles and bazookas were made
        for military use in combat.

        Can a private citizen own a tank? Yes! If they're a collector.
        You can buy a Sherman Tank online. Google tank.

        How about a fighter plane?
        Yes! Vintage WWII and WWI Sufwerth Camels can be purchased
        by collectors. You like the one Snoopy flew.
        But, jet fighters can only be sold to allied governments,
        like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

        America was built on the gun. Unless, the government is willing
        to risk a civil war again; the gun will be apart of every American's life.
        How many more massacres will the NRA dismiss as a lone lunatic?
        There is no limit to their need for weapons of mass destruction.

        Well, self defense is natural right.
        But, do you need a AKR-15?

        Scenario one: Alex Jones is enjoying an ice dream cone and some
                              bad guy tries to mug him.

        a) Alex gives the mugger his money.

        b) Alex shoots the mugger with his AKR-15.

        c) Alex shoots the mugger with a pocket size handgun.

        I'm thinking option C.

        Okay. This is not Politically Correct, but most people don't carry a gun
        and they depend on the police to protect them. Is that gullible?
        Funny anecdote~

                          I'm shopping at the grocery store.
                          A guy comes up the isle with hand gun strapped to his hip.
                          I'm nervous and book it out of that isle.
                          He keeps popping up.
                          Should I call the cops?
                          I told someone at the service desk.
                          The girl said she would call a manager.

        I guess I'm chicken.
        I think Alex Jones is fun. I like cooky people.
        That's why I'm a big fan of THEBLAZE.COM.

        They honestly believe they can survive a nuclear war with a water filter
        and special vegetable seeds.
        News flash the silo computers are programed to keep firing even after
        all the people are dead. That means everyone is toast.

        And on that cherry note, I think I'll have some noodles.

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