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two find love but it's no fairy tale.
Sitting on the stoop of his mothers brownstone Avien overheard the loud shouts of his mothers neighbors argument. The man, storming out the house and his young damsel peeking out the window face full of misery, some bruises but covered in tears. Her eyes meet Aviens and he feels as though her eyes are pleading for help. She shuts the windows, sure to close in her cries and closes the curtain to hide the mess inside. Aviens mother arrives by cab and they walk inside.
Amiel begins cleaning up the mess her and Javier made during their fight. Mostly her throwing things to keep him at a distance. She was tired of him hitting her. She wanted to leave so bad but no one seemed to notice the double sided lock that kept her in. Javier having the only set. Friends non-existent, family unconcerned and neighbors well they minded their business all too well. after cleaning she began dinner and drew a hot bath to soak her sore and still bruised body and drown her thoughts. so many times she wished she would just die but the hope that GOD would not only give her strength to survive but the courage to LEAVE quickly removed those thoughts.
Avien helped his mother into her kitchen with their dinner for the night. every Tuesday he came over to help with groceries and have dinner. He lived in a different boro then his mom but she made the trip more then worth it. Tonight they were having fish and grits with red velvet cake for dessert. While Corina, Aviens mom cooked her son asked plenty of questions about her new neighbors. smiling because she knew despite the new and old bruises on Amiels face her son saw her beauty. She also knew her son had a bad habit of seeking taken women to satisfy his sexual appetite. If she was single she was completely unsuitable for her boy. So she started her statement informing him that she was involved and that her boyfriend has her under lock and key. He would probably kill her and possibly him too. She began telling him of their fights and how he has had to break a few bones on her body. Corina stated how she only saw the girl once and that was upon moving in. At one point she thought that he lived alone until she heard the first fight. Avien stared into his mothers eye and could see the concern in her eyes. On her behalf he was going to have to do something. He explained that his home was going to be undergoing some remodeling and needed to stay for a few days next week. Delighted his mother told him it would be her pleasure.
Soaking in the tub Amiel ignored the ringing phone knowing it was only one person and she just didn't want to hear his apologies. Her thoughts wandered to the fine face she saw looking at her a few hours ago. He must have been Miss Corina's son. The only time she had the opportunity to really speak to her was when her and Javier moved in. She was a kind lady and spoke of her son. He had warm eyes like her. He looked through the window to her with such concern. She hadn't seen that look since her mother first assumed Javier was being abusive. But due to her constant denail and refusal of help people just stopped showing they cared.
I have more for this story but at this point and time i cant finish...if i can edit i will and continue. if not i will just post the rest. please feel free to b honest with what i have put here. Thank you and GOD bless...
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