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Whistle the Mayberry theme music.

              "Oh boy! I finished it." Opie said.
      The remote control Monster truck was ready.
      Opie flipped the start up switch on his toy truck
      and worked the two joy sticks on his remote control box.
      The truck whirled about the backyard on his command.
      "Wow!" Opie exclaimed.

              Deputy Barney Fife was not so pleased.
      "Opie! Did you know that toy is jamming my radio?"
      Barney had been nearby the remote in the squad car.
      "Wha? Oh.. no, I didn't." Opie looked sadly down at his toy.
      Barney's eyes pop out,  "Holy cow!" 
      The deputy grabs Opie and they both fall to the ground.

              A large drone lands in the backyard.
      "Ah-ah .. Opie go inside!"
      Barney runs to his squad car. "Andy-Andy!" Barney shouts
      over his CB. "What is it Barney." Andy was tired of his Deputy's
      hysterics. "Listen. . Andy." Barney took a deep breath,
      "There's a missile in your backyard!"

              "A what?! Barrrney .. would you calm down. Come over here
      and give me a lift." Andy rubs the back of his head.
      "A missile." he sighs.
      But, there is no doubt of what has landed in  Andy's backyard.
      Andy and Barney walk about the drone.
      "Well, I guess it's one of those experimental planes." Andy surmises.

              "Gosh, pa. Do you think my remote brought it here?" Opie holds
      up his toy Monster Truck.
      Andy rubs his face,  "Opie that's just a toy. This plane was miles above
      us. I'll call the civil defense. Maybe, they can explain this."
      "Andy! Maybe it's Russian!" Barney's eyes pop out.
      "Barney, this is Mayberry. What would the Russians want here?"
      Andy rocks his head side to side.

              A Col Monro from the civil defense arrives with a large army truck.
      "Thank you Sheriff. We were testing this experimental aircraft and lost
      it's signal. It must have automatically landed." Col Monro answered
      with a nervous twitch in his left eye.
      "Sir. I was playing with my remote control truck. Did I do something to
      your plane?" Opie holds up his Monster Truck.
      Col Monro smiles broadly,  "No-no this is not a toy. It is a sophisticated
      piece of military equipment. Ah-which has malfunctioned."

              Sheriff Andy Taylor shakes Col Monro's hand.
      "Well, we are in good hands now." Andy remarks with a toothy smile.
      "Yes. The civil defense is always vigilant. Will take the drone
      back for repairs." Col. Monro's eye twitches nervously.
      "Well, there is the matter of trespassing." Sheriff Taylor winks back;
      "This is my property."
      The Col cracks his knuckles,  "Sheriff we are the United States Military.
      We do not trespass. We take by eminent domain. ."

              Andy nods with a smile and Col Monro departs.
      "Can I play with my truck pa?" Opie asks.
      "Of course, you have eminent domain in my backyard." Andy answers
      with a toothy smile.

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