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Rated: 13+ · Other · Fantasy · #1920043
My first attempt at doing a dialogical short story, which evolves out of a dream.
Because of wayward trysts into oblivion(chasing rabbits), I find myself straying away from entering into an earthy arousing dialogue. I have already arrived in a dream, who says that I still need to journey to nowhere in particular? Thus I write a story with dialogue that evolved from a sleepy place.

Head Guard: A big muscular menacing man with a nazi symbol in a miliary camp that hearkens to the series Hogan's Heroes
"Here you are Peterson you screwed up and that means you have only one place to go. I am handed a gun, a pistol kind of gun with a big handle. Do you know how to use it?"

A security guard uniform with a, nervous at what will happen next.
I think to myself I know exactly how it works and I find myself ruminating trying to conjure up how it might work. I cherish the opportunity of working over admitting that I don’t know anything about guns. Can I convince them I really have it figured out or do they already know? There are seven other guards in the squadron and they all seem to know what they are doing.

"This will be your mission you will take turns guarding the Mass of a new multimillion dollar church.

I recall one of my priest friends talk about dying for the eucharist as if it were the actual body and blood of a living Jesus. Something about it appeals to my desire to be a hero).

The scene shifts to a housing project, one house in the process of being erected. I still have my security hat on. I catch a ride with Gus, who sends his jeep flying over a fence and through persons who celebrate mass unaware. He finally gets us to the place. I am breathless.

"What’s this all about anyway?" (My eyes are directed to a family at the church that has hit on some bad luck and are trying to redeem something out a difficult situation).
(Roger, another guard has all the common sense, he applies his mechanical expertise to what they are going through).

"I see exactly what you need, if you get this gear and essential functional part you will have solved what seemed like an impossible puzzle to solve. (I am in awe of his knowledge. After all I am the last one to ask to solve a mechanical problem).

The mother of five children comes to the forefront:

I see God as a part of the solution to all this somehow.
I hear the children celebrating God's work. (My countenance lights up-until I see myself like a useless clutsy appendage until I realize.... )

I am a pastor- I am willing to provide a service to you and your children. (I am not so sure that you can help us. (her expression lets me know my timing is off.)
Even if you do not want a service I will be there for you.

Thanks for your help you sure did a good job cutting that diamond.
I did not know what the heck he was talking about. I was glad to have a reason for being there and realized everyone had a reason to be a whatever mission God called them to.

So Mr. Head Guard how do we protect ourselves? I need to have target practice--I have absolutely no experience with a gun. What about providing me with a bullet proof vest.
I celebrate that I can affirm my desire to live and be safe with others called to serve God even if it means eventually losing my life.
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