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I find that learning is at a great loss in understanding gravity.

          What was Jupiter had burned off.
      A planet of methane and acid clouds had burst into space
      in a massive blaze.
      What was left was a cinder of molten rock.
      Yves calculated the mass of Jupiter had increased by over
      9,999.999 kilo tons.
      It's mass was effecting the Earth's lateral orbit.
      A polar flip was eminent and the Van Allen Belt was heating up.
      Massive flooding and super cell storms and earthquakes disrupted
      the governments of the world.

          For Yves the question of total extinction was paramount ..
      A radical and decisive action had to be taken.
      Utilizing a theory on gravity holes, Yves convinced the world council
      to detonate the Moon.
      Lunar nuclear launching bases were all ready on the Moon.
      Yves theory was to offset the orbital pull of Jupiter with the destruction
      of the Moon.
      The theory was sound, if and only if, the debris from the Moon exploded
      away from the Earth.

          If the debris fell to Earth, then the added weight of the planet might
      send it into a broader orbit, freezing the atmosphere off into space.
      Such massive meteor falls could also bring about another ice age.
      Recovered alien space craft had been refitted for space travel.
      The world of alien flying saucers had been a well kept secret for
      national security.
      Yves put his family into a restored alien flying saucer and programed
      the ship to return to its place of origin.
      Only a few of these recovered vessels were functional and the highest
      security was maintained on their existence.
      The mission was code named Hitchhiker.

          Yves remained on Earth to supervise the preservation of records
      and infrastructure.
      The governments of the world hoped to weather the coming cataclysm.
      Yves placed many man hours and resources on the construction of
      vaults for libraries and recolonization.
      He could not imagine what was to come.
      The Moon was exploded, but it reformed in a closer orbit, creating
      tidal waves on every coastline.
      Most of the continents were submerged and volcanic activity had increased.

          Yves family whisked through wormholes in the alien spacecraft.
      His wife Bellah comforted their children, telling them stories of Noah's
      The flying saucer approached its base with a high pitch reentry.
      Bellah and her children looked at the bright blue planet below and
      marveled at it's similarity to Earth.
      The door to the saucer opened with a decompression.
      Two tall men walked in and gently guided them outside.
      Bellah asked where this beautiful world was.
      One of the tall men smiled and pointed to a colossal statue to
      her husband Yves.
      Tears streamed down her face.
      Yves had sent his family a thousand years into their future.
      Bellah raised her hands up to Yves statue and read the inscription,
      "What wonders can come from this new age of reason."

      Reflections: Is gravity an intelligent design?

      3013 AD

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