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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1920220
Describes a sensual and loving relationship between a man and a woman.
Once in a Lifetime!
By G.Elizabeth

Her fingertips outlined his facial profile
gently caressing his lips.  She loved him.
He began to smile as she moved her fingers
over his chin and down his throat.
She rolled over on her side and slid her
hand over his chest.  His dark hair was
curly and she played with it around his nipples.
He groaned as she rolled and tugged on them playfully.

She loved teasing him, making him catch
his breath as she was stroking his tender spots
all over his body,  making him more excited and
watching every muscle strain as he let her touch
and kiss him.  No place was sacred from her torture and
she smiled and knew he was enjoying every minute of it.

She brushed honey dust on the most sensitive areas
of his body…  His nipples, his lower stomach, those tender
spots between his hips, and then she would go to his inner
thighs and watch his eyes roll back in his head.  Now, she
would use a feather to tease his genitals.  She watched the intense
pulsation that grew beneath her teasing tongue and lips.  She would
bring him to the edge and then smile at him, enjoying the ripple
of ectasy of her husband’s muscles.

He knew she would start licking the  honey dust ever so
seductively from his body.  But, then it was his turn to bring
her to ecstasy and they both did that so well, emitting moans,
grunts from deep in their throats and low screams to let the
other know that they had found that delicious mark that catapulted
them both into oblivion for what seemed like eternity.

She sat up and slowly and deliberately and kissed him so tenderly,
licking her lips and pressing them to his -  beginning with tender
pressure and making time slow to a crawl.  Their lips parted,
their tongues exploring their mouths so intently and passionately,
the spark of love and the sexual heat began to build all over, again. 

His hands caressed her face and soon worked
their way down her neck as she lifted her chin
so that he could kiss her in those curves and
crevices and down to her breasts. 

He smiled and he began to dust the honey
dust with an ostrich feather on her throat. He
could see her throat pulsing as her blood begin to race,
knowing what delicious ecstasy was approaching,

He smiled and kissed her lips gently as he began
to send her body into tremors of  love that showed her how
much it could spiral out of control.

He started very slowly and gently as he put his lips down
on the thin silk shirt that she was wearing and
blew hot humid air on the nipples that he could
see through her shirt...

Her nipples stood at attention and made him smile
as he slowly untied the ribbons on her shirt so that
he could envelope her nipples with his mouth
and play with them with his tongue.

He played and began to suckle on
them ... holding each breast as he found the most
sensitive one and the one that made his wife leave
nail marks on his arms and his back…  He could
make her body pulsate with energy.

Her soft moans made his body react so vibrantly.
He slipped the soft shirt from her body,
something he always took his time with and
teased her with it as he did.  He kissed every curve
that the shirt uncovered until … it was suddenly on the
floor.  He was always excited when he was
with his wife, she brought the heat in his body to boiling.

She had never felt like this with anyone before and never would.
He was the man that had held her heart from the day she first
met him.  His voice was so tender and sexy and could give
her shivers when he whispered in her ear telling her how he
felt about her.  He was everything that she ever dreamed of
in a man and more. 

She was the wife he'd always wanted.  Someone filled with
love, loyalty and passion in everything she did.  She was a wife,
lover, mother, best friend and everything he wanted.  They were
perfect together in every way.

They made love together so sensually and heatedly that they
would be steamy and as they slid across each other making their
climaxes more explosive and unending.  They didn't have sex,
they made love and would 'til their dying day. 
They would always show each other that sensual love
and that intense passion that every couple
wished they could have but few had.

They loved, caressed, touched and imagined every wonderful
feeling that they could.  Their lovemaking was filled with
kisses, snuggling, licking, heat and it was real.  His body was so
strong and he could manipulate his wife's passion and body
to his with gentleness and ease. 

Later, as they lay in each other’s arms and kissing ... the warmth
and love these two felt was always there, whether they were
together or apart.  The kind of love that made it that special love,
intense, forever and passionate.  Theirs was a once in a lifetime
relationship and love that some people dreamed of.

I love you, my husband, my sweetheart.
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