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Last song was horrible. I'm getting better and this is my latest work. Feedback please

I prayed to god give me the power and every bit of strength
Make my voice go big and tower rise up through every rank
This fame this reputation is ours I'll stretch through every length
It's not about the cash or check nothing to do with the bank
I'll sit here hours trying to perfect every inch of my song
Studying other artists to try an reflect I feel lost and wrong
As I discover my talent and detect
My thoughts were gone
I realized I was made to be a leader
Guide fellow dreamers beyond
Any thought, rise above any dream beater
Overcome any extreme challenge
Fight through it with a meat cleaver
More painful than a syringe
But I ain't afraid of no shot to beat her
And then turn around and defend
One day we can be top ten to see
You and me a team
This is why I scream
Make me be!

(You don't understand my pain
I've been put down so much
Everyday in my head it rains
Listen to my voice, follow my voice, my voice
To keep from loosin faith)

It kills me to wait in anticipation
You won't talk to me
Throw my thoughts in hell and cause frustration
Why can't you see
It's causing me to loose hope and temptation
With my life empty
I know you're up there hearin me yell
What am I to be
Why don't you let me see or show and tell
Where's my gold key
You made me here to be somebody
You know I'm sorry
I've wanted this for years in hell
Please grant me my army
You've thrown me threw the worst shit
I'll never understand
Why I still chase my dream and spit
It's a tough land
But I still walk it and take your hits
You always push
But I'll come to shove am I ready for this shit
Or am I in a rush
Give me a sign tell me I'm doing the right shit
You can't tell my mind to shush
I'm always gonna speak it
Until you speak to me I'll always teach it
Sit back and let me preach it


I feel like given up like I need to wake up
But I can't stop
What are you trying to tell me you always interrupt
My dream of hip hop
Why do you try to stop you make my anger erupt
Changing decisions and flip flop
From my side to against it and destruct it
But you've given hope
Not everything you do hangs me from rope
You granted me Faith, her love was a struck
She talked me through
Every pain pain I was put through she believes
I thank you
Sending me your angel was the greatest thing I've received
I know you're true
But why do you do what you do
Put my mind in a cork screw
I don't know what's in store
As long as you're there to see me score
Please god
Keep me goin to get to the shore
Don't forget me lord
I'll always be on your side and I'll give you more

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