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Where does one go to find one’s soul?
Redeeming Spirit…

Where does one go to find one’s soul
when there is no one to console?
- To understand the wrath within
that leaves one crawling in their skin…

Oh how I hate to feel this way -
to come so far… then go astray.
My noncompliant days grow old
as mental anguish now unfolds.

The world has so confused my mind;
the how’s and whys aren’t well defined
enough to lend a guiding hand -
There’s much too much to understand…

I try to pause and take it in;
the wealth of topics within sins
that plague my every strand of being -
I’m hounded by the things I’m seeing…

It’s in these depths I realize
that I am someone I despise.
For inner thoughts bring truth to light...
They shine upon my darkest plight.

In nakedness, I stand – ashamed.
The wrongs I’ve done - I have proclaimed
were done for reasons of the heart;
sincere - with insight to impart.

And as I stand asserting this;
my life at hand - I thus dismiss
to follow inner pulls and wills -
by using not so skillful skills.

It’s catching up – my outer life;
I see what’s coming in the strife
of states of mind - within the clasp
of insight I have... yet to grasp.

I turn to Thee – who always shines
upon the wretched who malign
Thy words, Thy deeds, Thy just demands -
I’m here by way of Thy command.

Though battered and ashamed inside
and lacking in self-worth and pride;
I stand with Thee - ‘till journey’s end.
Redeem my soul!  Remain my friend…
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