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Spiritual Congress..

        Harvey Keitel had been a Magnus for many decades.
  His occult power could heal and kill. He had a following
  across the world, who would do anything for him.
  But, he could not escape time. Every year brought him
  closer to his death and final judgement. He was tormented
  by his lack of knowledge of death.

        To understand the bridge of total happiness.
  Harvey study the ancient Egyptian rite of mummification.
  It was not just an embalming, but a conjuring of the doorway to
  the underworld. The incantations required ritual sacrifices.
  This was not a difficult task for Harvey. He had a roller deck of
  young aspiring artists, who would do anything he asked.

        The rituals left the sacrifice empty of their internal organs
  and every drop of blood. These entrails were fed to tigers and
  panthers, while the body was preserved with honey and frankincense
  and mir. Harvey wore only a cloak of ostrich feathers and a crown of gold
  shaped like a cobra as he ate from a bowl of honey, barley and blood.
  He could feel his virility return and a doorway open before him.

        An angel stood at the radiant golden door and held a great sword.
  Harvey knew if he had any doubt he would be cut in two, before he
  could open the door. Memories of simpler times rushed through him.
  His childhood and loves and losses. Harvey had made a reputation as
  a ruthless man with a lust for carnal pleasures. He tried to steel himself
  against these feelings of love and submission, but his eyes filled with tears
  as his beloved mother appeared to him from the dead.

        The prayers for power and immortality were muffled in his lips as
  he sobbed. The Master Magician reached out to his mother and was
  cut in two by the angel's blade. He had lost his hold on the temporal
  plain and was cast into the vortex of chaos. Harvey cried out to his
  mother as hundreds of other tormented spirits tore at his celestial body.
  The Hollywood Enquirer would write an article on the mysterious disappearance
  of Harvey Kietel. It was buried in the op-ed pages along with the strange
  collection of mummies in the Warner Brothers Studios.

  Ah men Rah !

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