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Loving, sensuality and an erotic evening for a couple finally together after military duty
A Lifetime of Passion!

The sunset had been brilliant with oranges, yellows, and fiery red colors tonight.  Twilight was quickly filling the room with darkness as she lit a candle and watched it flicker for a moment.  She moved from one candle to another all around the room until the room was bathed in soft candlelight.  She loved evenings like this.  It was peaceful and eased away the tensions of the day.

She had showered and her skin was still moist.  Her damp hair framed her face giving it a soft look.  She heard her husband in the shower.  He was singing to her and she smiled.  He had a beautiful voice and he would make up songs to her as he showered.  She giggled as he paused looking for the right words to finish his serenade.  She looked forward to these special evenings with him when the house was empty and the kids were now old enough to spend the night with their friends.  No knocks on the door, kids laughing or arguing; just quiet.  She had chosen some of their favorite music – soft and perfect to begin the evening.

Her husband came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his hips and a smile on his face as he looked around the room.  “Is everyone gone for the night”?  She smiled and nodded her head and started towards him when they heard scratching at the bedroom door.  “Oh no, Barney! No one thought to let him out before they left.”  Her husband rolled his eyes and strode to the door and on opening it, there sat Barney, their German Sheppard with a big smile on his face.  He looked like he was always smiling, he was a happy dog.  Her husband looked at her and laughed, “Be back in a few minutes, and  I have a surprise for you.”  A surprise!  With him, she never knew what it might be …

About ten minutes later, with Barney following behind him, he came in with a tray of strawberries dipped in chocolate and a rose AND a box that was gift wrapped in gold foil paper.  She had brought champagne to their room earlier.  It was chilling on the night table.  He placed the tray on the bed and escorted Barney from the room and told him to go to bed.  He came back and kissed her and lay down on the bed with the tray between them.  She reached for the box and he moved it away from her…”Not until we are done with our strawberries and champagne”.  She laughed;  she was really curious and was hoping it was her favorite perfume.  They ate and talked about the good things in their day and finally, the strawberries were gone and the bottle of champagne and glasses were placed on the ottoman in front of the window.  The room was cool except for the heat from the candles around the room that flickered and danced on the walls.  Soon it would be warming up with passion between the two of them.

Her husband began to kiss her and nibble on her ear and asked her if she was ready for her present.  Laughing, she said, “Always, of course.  I can’t wait to see what you got.”  She unwrapped the box and opened it and it was a bottle of “almond body oil”.  She grinned, “Better to massage you with, my lord?”  He laughed and rolled her over on top of him.  “Have I told you how much I love you, today, my love.”  “Hmmmm, not enough times, sweetheart.”  She laughed and she opened the bottle and smelled
iIt and then tasted it.  “Oh, this is going to be awesome, honey!  Why don’t we get rid of your towel and
you turn over on your stomach. “  He grinned and gently picked her up and sat her beside him as he slowly and seductively removed his towel.  Hmmmm… this was going to be a great evening… she patted the bed beside her and he lowered himself beside her, face down. 

She leaned over and kissed his neck and nibbled on his ears and began to pour the almond oil on his shoulders.  She began to massage his neck and shoulders.  She loved the feeling of the muscles rippling beneath her hands.  He had spent so many years in the military that he had continued his daily regiment after he retired.  They had spent a lot of time apart, while he served, so these evenings were even more special.  He was solid and tan and she loved giving him a massage.  His body responded to her touch as she sat on his back and started working the oil down between his shoulders and she did it slowly and sensually.  He was so relaxed, in a manner of speaking, but she could feel the energy flowing through his body.  He groaned as she kissed him and the oil was delicious so it made it even more exciting to use her tongue periodically as she made her way down to his waist. 

“Can I roll over now, sweetheart?”    “Not yet, I have to do your bum and your thighs”.  She knew that
he really wanted to roll over but it was so much fun “teasing” and savoring the taste of the oil and his skin.  Suddenly, her massaging  his thighs were the last straw.  Laughing, he rolled over onto her and said, “Now it’s my turn”… No, sweetheart – I have to massage your chest and stomach and everything else,” she grinned.  His face softened and she could have molded him like clay …as she began to massage his chest and nipples and bent down and gently bit them and stimulated them as she heard this low moan.  His body was responding like crazy.  She continued massaging his stomach and worked her way down to just inside his hip bone … he emitted a groan that told her that her lips on that sensual place was pleasuring him.  She kissed and stimulated him from one side of his hip to the other…. His body was responding to her touch as gentle as it was. 

Her hands began to apply this heavenly oil onto his genitals which drove him crazy as she began to use her tongue to circle and move up and down on his maleness, feeling it pulsing as she used her hands to stroke him at the same time …. He was throbbing but he wasn’t ready to let her do all the giving.  He rolled over on her and reached for the bottle of oil and grinned as he began to lightly pour it between her breasts.  He made sure his hands were well oiled as he leaned over and began to massage her chest and her breasts.  He was gentle and made her feel like jello … and when he leaned down to titillate her nipples, she groaned, knowing that he was about to begin the journey to ecstasy. 

He tugged on her nipples as he massaged her breasts and then began to circle his tongue around each one making them tingle and magically the feeling spread over her whole body. It was an erotic feeling that she experienced everytime they made love.  He came up and kissed her … soft gentle kisses, little ones at first and then as their lips parted and their tongues met and the passion built, he pulled gently away from her mouth and kissed the soft curve of her throat.  He did it slowly and worked his way back down to her nipples and then more oil was poured and he massaged her stomach down to her soft curly hair where he used his tongue to slide into her  and then back up to her clit.  “Oh, my God”, she groaned, as he played with her clit and brought her to the edge.  Then, he performed the most sensual  yet agonizing oral sex on her  until she thought she would explode.  “Now, please, baby, now,” was all she could say.  Her body was tingling and jerking and she wanted him so desperately.

Her husband kissed her stomach and then began the slow tender entry into their world of ecstasy.
He was slow, gentle yet passionate.  He made sure that she was on the edge as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  He took her to the edge of that ecstasy and then would pull back.  His face showed her how he was holding back and making sure that she was completely pleasured before he was fulfilled.  Then, he finally plunged himself into her so that she knew he was ready and their hips and their bodies were so slippery from the oil that it made it hotter, more sensual .  They grinded against each other uttering moans and a scream as they finally reached their climax together.  They continued as long as they could, until her legs finally fell to his side and he slid up her body and kissed her with the gentleness, satisfaction and love that they both felt for each other.

They lay in each other’s arms for a long time, still enjoying the smell and taste of the erotic feeling that they still felt.  Their kisses were full of love and there was never any sleeping after they made love, they always enjoyed the aftermath, the sensitivity, and contentment of just being together as they watched the candlelight still flickering. 

Later, they got up and took a warm shower together, still massaging the oils into their skin and still kissing passionately as the warm water streamed over them.  Soon, they were giggling and as playful as if they were newlyweds.  You know, before the kids, the dog, the PTA and the traveling with the military.  They were right where they wanted to be in their lives.  Their love had grown every day and they appreciated each other so much.  They kept the romance in their marriage and the sex was always the ultimate satisfaction and conveyed their commitment to each other.

Tonight, they blew out all the candles, put the almond oil away for another day and slipped into bed and wrapped their arms around each other.  Tomorrow, everything  would be back to normal with their kids running in and out and Barney sitting at their bedroom door in the morning waiting for his jog with her husband.  Even though everything was back to normal in their household, they could look at each other and smile and he would come behind her when she was cooking and put his arms around her.  He would whisper in her ear how much he loved her and that he wanted more every day.  She’d smile and turn her head to kiss him and told him that they had at least thirty years to go and you multiply that by how many days? And they would laugh and knew that they would always be there for each other.  Their love was still growing and it showed.  They were one and it had always been like that and would always be. 

They were going to be the elderly couple one day that would be holding hands and kissing each other not caring where they were.  They would be the envy of younger couples who would watch and hope that they had the same kind of love in their lives.  A lifetime of passion was good for the soul, the mind and quality of life.
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