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As we look into this election year, we are seeing an increasing amount commercial, news coverage and of course mud slinging. All of which is designed to shape our public opinion, As opinion leaders send their messages through our TV’s our computers, news papers, magazines, and all other media they build or break the truths that we have grown to know. The people who are running for the opportunity to run this country are willing to invest millions of their own dollars and countless dollars of their super pacs, just to be captain of a sinking ship. There is more to their intentions other than “world Peace”.

Most of us go through life thinking that if we only had more money or if we could get that corner office, or if we could only reach any number of those goals we set for our selves, and then we would be happy. The thing about goals is that once you obtain them, the happiness is short lived and it’s on to the next want or goal.

Therefore, we go on consuming and striving more and more, for more and more. We achieve more, buy more, and have more, but more what? More responsibility, more bills, more stuff, more problems, and less time. Look at the people that have won the lottery thinking that this would change everything, and life would be great. Most of them end up broke in a year and more miserable than they were before. They did not change, only their finances did. Some of the saddest people I know are millionaires, and I mean sad.

What next, after we have met all the goals we have set out for ourselves, like the extravagant house, flashy cars, and such. We spend our lives working hard to get to that place where we feel that earned some title, while that is noble and something to be proud of it still does not help our understanding of what life is truly is about. Why do we feel the need to have these things? Surely, we cannot let the neighbors have more than we. “But it makes me happy” says the self-loathing brainwashed marketing statistic. Does it really make you happy? Well if it does then you should go chase some over priced name brand carrot on a line, be happy and stop reading rite now, this is not for the blissfully ignorant.

Now do not get me wrong, my intent was not to satirize. I enjoy a good overpriced latte from time to time. I also have a taste for expensive cannabis sativa, and I watch the idiot box as much as or more so than others do. Therefore, I am just as much a victim to the new world order “Industry” or actually, the new god heads “media” as any red blooded American. I too have been shopping at the horrible huge, over filled franchise chains. Wasted so many of my hours looking for some kind of instant gratification, whether it be the newest widget or something I never really wanted to begin with, selling my time for the sales pitch of the week. “Really I can save how much if I buy two?” Don’t worry I’ve been there too. So what do we do with time we have left? I for one take less for granted and put less interest in the status quo.

As I go on to question everything, I will try to be objective and search for the answers as unbiased as possible. However, I will not hold back my thoughts on the media machine we have all turned ourselves into. Always obeying, buying, and watching, because if it happens in the media it must be true. Forever changing a persons place in this world, as an American never knowing what true hardship is. I’m sure there is some candy ass name for it. It must be some kind of disease or syndrome or disorder. We should spend millions researching why we buy what we do, oh wait it’s already been done! What do you think the ancients would say if they could see us now? Would all of our technological advancements amaze them? Maybe, Or perhaps they would look at us in amazement in another light. I believe they would they would say wow, then what the fu*k? Could you image, seeing all of the things that are now possible, through their eyes? As they look onto jets, and bullet trains, cell phones, the internet, satellite television with awe. Then they would see war, suffering, hunger, gluttony, overabundance and poverty, racism, hate. The haves, the have-nots, and the never-ending bombardment of advertising, and media telling us how to live, and all the things we just cannot live without. It would look as though not much has changed. Somewhere in our never-ending search for equality and good will toward all humankind, we lost our moral compass. Now we are more concerned about is missing our favorite realty TV personality, and the all-knowing mighty oz of daytime talk shows. We spend hours upon hours watching TV after we slave to a never-ending grind of meager earnings just buy into the next mind numbing entertainment medium. Where would society be if we could not plug in and void all self-thinking? Perhaps the real problems of the day could be paid attention to. Instead, we settle for a slight of hand puppet show to keep us in a never-ending race where he who dies with the most wins. What have we taught the youth of today? That they too can be the next over paid athlete or maybe they are lucky they could be Paris’s BFF. It is truly a twisted world we are living in.

Surely since we can afford to put gold on our teeth and diamonds in our ears, we can afford to send our children to the highest learning institutions in the world, in order to find a cure for diseases, or balance the national debt. How about you cowboy would you give up your gun collection to give this nation a chance for competing with future economic super powers? Maybe you mister oil tycoon/ politician, could you give up some of your multiple property’s to have a child from Harlem with mind to overcome world hunger given the rite education to accomplish it. I suppose it is a bit to easy to pick on obvious targets.

We listened to the overwhelming sounds of self-doubt, and regular routine we programmed ourselves to hear. “You must go about it this way”; “you have to work in the same low paying job the rest of your life”. Alternatively, we are to be overwhelming thankful for having a job at all these days. That is no way to go through life. No wonder we were in such a sad place. We had no control, no self-confidence, just marching along like good little robots. Plugging into the gossip galleria online or the idiot box after a long hard days work, only to recharge our mediocrity and reboot our media trance.

Now we move on to “let me get mine” state of mind, which seems to have become the norm for so many these days. By the norm I mean we have moved into a society in which we are all little piggy’s nudging and rooting for our turn and some of the mothers milk dribble down the almighty life giving government Tit. We stand in line for hours only to receive what those before us got, a dole out , a term we at one time called “government assistance”. We now seem to have an ongoing line of our nation’s people standing with their hands out. “Let me get mine” everyone else is doing it or getting it so where is mine?

This is what has been the result of too much giving and not enough earning. This is why we as young adults or even almost middle aged cannot function as grownups. Furthermore, why should we? If it has been given to us our whole life, why go earn it? Then there are those of us that never really had it to begin with but us, we were good enough to fake it until the years finally catch up to our lifestyles. It is as if we are told to conform or pay the price. What price, whose rules, why can’t we all be rock stars? What is a functioning member of society? I for one have no interest in settling down, buying a house and going to work for the company store for thirty years just to achieve mediocrity. There are those that do. They do it for the love of family, they do it because that is what they were taught, they do it because they were told that is how you suppose to get ahead and have things. They are usually not very happy and fifty percent or more get divorced and have to start back at the beginning. What happened that this became a way of life? It makes me sad.

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