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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #1920717
wrote this within an hour to show a friend how i write, and he wanted it posted so tah dah
There she was. Standing in the doorway. I could see the outline of her porcelain skinned body. Her ruby red tank top hugging her curves, clinging to her busty chest. My eyes sink lower. I stop and stare at her body jewelry. A small silver moon hanging from her belly button. Dancing as she walks towards me. Her hips swaying and I can’t help but stare. She takes her seat in front of me. Her long, raven black hair stops just at the small of her back. Oh how I long to be able to rest my hand there. She turns to her left, asking a friend for a pen. I catch a familiar scent. It’s the scent of cherry blossoms and jasmine. Her absolute favorite smell. I stop myself from reaching out and feeling her soft silky hair. She doesn’t know me, but I know her… I know that her favorite color is purple, and that she loves to read, I know that she doesn’t like salt on her fries but she will still order them with salt so as to not be a bother, I know that she sleeps on her stomach and that she spends hours staring into her mirror putting a face on because she feels like she is not good enough for anyone. She is wrong. She sparkles like a ruby in a mine. I feel nothing but happiness being near her… thinking about her… I want her.

I know her schedule. I can do this. Who am I kidding? I can’t!- I shake my head furiously. Conflicted with my thoughts of right and wrong. Is it wrong to want someone so bad? Is it wrong that you know you could give that person everything they ever wanted? Is it so wrong to go over after something that means so much to you in life?

I stare at the clock, no longer focused on my last class of the day. Tonight I tell myself. I am sick of waiting. I am sick of the long nights I have wasted lusting over her. I am going to get what I want. I am going to get it tonight.

The bell rings. I remain seated waiting for the rush of my classmates to file out into the halls. I can hear their excitement for their plans. Her voice stands out among them all though. She plans on going to the bar tonight. I can only imagine what she is going to slip herself into tonight. My mind begins to wander. When I finally come back to reality she is gone. I shall see her tonight though.

I sit in my car. Waiting for her to drive to her friends. I need her to be intoxicated. It will run more smoothly. I see her door open. She is waving goodbye to her family. As she completely steps out of the door my jaw drops. She is wearing a tight, shear black top. I can see her hot pink bra under it. Her short black shorts her ass very well accentuating it. I allow my eyes to wander down her smooth, toned, well defined legs. She is wearing bright red stilettos. She won’t be able to run far in those.

As she gets into her car I follow her. But to my surprise she is not on her way to her friends. She is heading out of the city. I follow her glancing at the clock on my dash board. Its 10:46 we have been driving for an hour. I look ahead and see her signal light go on. I think to myself. Why is she going to the graveyard out here? She steps out of her vehicle. And walks towards the entrance of the graveyard. She is holding 6 white roses in her hand.

I follow her from a safe distance. She kneels down by a grave. I see her pull a knife out. My mind begins to race as I see her cut her hand. She lets her blood drip onto the roses. She begins to weep. I decide now is a good time.

I make my way towards her. I twig gives myself away as it snaps beneath my feet. She turns around with a look of fear on her face.

I must look sinistering to her…. Holding rope and a black cloth like thing in my hand. She holds the knife close to her chest warning me to not come closer. I test her and step towards her. She steps back. Just like I thought she would. I take the opportunity and tackle her to the ground. She falls and hits her head on a tombstone. I tie her hands behind her back and tie the bandana around her mouth so as not to hear her scream. I look around. There are two trees on either side of me. I take my rope and tie them around her ankles. I bend her over the tombstone and go and tie the rope to the tress so as to have her legs spread open. When I finish and come back to her. She begins to awake.

I crouch down beside her as her screams are being muffled. I pick up her knife. Why? Why did you cut yourself? That is going to leave an ugly scar. I see her eyes widen as she finally sees me. I have wanted nothing more then to see those gorgeous blue eyes stare up at me. And now they are. I caress her face.

I slowly stand up grabbing a fistful of her hair in my hand. Pulling hard enough to bring her head back. I whisper in her ear “I love you Courtney” for 5 years, you haven’t even looked my way. Well, now I am going to get my way. I drag the knife down her supple skin. I stop as I reach the small of her back. I kiss her there. She tries to squirm and move away but she cant.

I make my way behind her. I run my hands over her thighs. I can still hear her trying to scream. But its growing faint. My intentions are not being worried about who hears. I take the knife I press the blade to her hip, I see blood starting to pool around the blade. I run the blade down as it tears away the fabric of her shorts. I look to see what color of underwear she was wearing. To my surprise there was none.
“What a dirty girl you are ”I say to her.

I feel myself growing in my pants. Tonight its not getting the thought of her, it is going to feel her. I unzip my pants and allow myself to rub my cock against her pussy. Her body is slowly getting aroused. I can feel some dampness. I try to push the tip in. there is a lot of resistance. But I don’t care. I shove farther and farther in. I can feel her tighten. I grab a fistful of her hair again as I begin to pound her. My cock becoming wet from her. I take her wetness as pleasure. And push farther and father in. I can feel her wall.

I pull out and kiss her ass, and my way down to her pussy. I run my tongue over her pussy lips, tasting her juices. My oh my is she wet. I allow myself to let my tongue penetrate her. I feel her move but pay no attention to her. She sits on my shoulders. I feel confused and look up at her. her mascara smeared all over her face. I am then drawn to the knife in her hand. How did I forget I left that beside her.

I look down at that moment, feeling a warm stickiness’. I see the knife protruding from my chest. She takes it and pulls it down, slicing me open. I feel weak. As I fall to the ground on my stomach. I manage to whisper the words “I love you Courtney” before my world goes blank.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1920717