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i should clarify, this has not happened to me, its all made up
I was walking down a gravel road late at night, on my way home from a party. I smiled as I thought of the party, all the liquor I drank and the guy I had fucked

I could still feel the wonderful sensations of the fuck in my pussy, his cum leaking down my legs as I walked. My mini skirt was blowing around in the wind, hardly covering anything. But I didn’t care. I was still too drunk to care about anything.
As I was walking, I saw light come up from behind me. I hear the car slow to a stop. The car door opened and I heard footsteps coming towards me. I just kept walking.

Suddenly, I felt a firm hand gripping my hair and the cold hard blade of a knife against my throat.

“If you make one fucking sound, I’ll slice your throat1” a strong male voice threatened.

I nodded my head slowly to show that I understood, but kept quiet.

He led me by my hair back to his car, making sure to always stay behind me. He forced me to the back of his car, and opened the trunk. He pulled a blindfold out of the trunk and roughly put in on me. He grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back. He secured them in place with something that felt like leather. He picked me up and placed me easily into the trunk. He forced me to lay down. I heard the trunk slam shut.

I heard the car door close seconds later as he got into the vehicle. The engine roared to life.

I was sobering up quickly, and started to cry. I regretted not bringing my cellphone. I regretted my slutty outfit I had chosen to wear. I regretted so much.

I tried to think of a way to escape, but it seemed like a hopeless case now that I was blindfolded and restrained.
Before long the car stopped. My breath quickened dramatically as I heard his footsteps getting closer to the trunk. The trunk opened and I was pulled out by my hair.

I whimpered and cried in pain. “Please don’t hurt me,” I begged as he forced me to my feet.
All at once he forced me to bend over the trunk of the car and then began to spank me viciously. I cried, squirmed, and screamed. But he continued.

When I finally gave up trying to get away and just took the punishment, he stopped.

“That was a warning cunt! The next time you speak without permission you’ll be getting fucked by my knife. So shut the fuck up!” he ordered in a cruel voice.

I laid bent over his trunk crying quietly.

“Come on,” he ordered as he grabbed my hair and pulled me into an upright position.

He forced me to walk quicker than I was comfortable with since I couldn’t see anything. Thankfully, he didn’t run me into anything.

Suddenly he pushed me down on what felt like a bed. I whimpered in fear, but made no other sound.

“Stay there and don’t be stupid enough to try and escape,” he said as he walked away.

“Hey boys, I got us a little entertainment!” I heard him yell.

I began to cry harder as I realized there was more than one of them. I heard a group of men coming towards me.

“Ooo,” an anonymous male voice chuckled. “Very nice entertainment indeed!”

“Good job Jason” another male voice chimed in.

‘Jason…. My captor’s name is Jason! At least now I have a name to give to the police,’ I thought to myself
“Who gets her first?” yet another voice asked.

“I found her, so I get her first. You guys can have her when I’m done” Jason had said.

“No,” I whimpered realizing for the first time that I was going to be raped.

The men all started laughing. “What?” Jason asked. “Do you want us all at once?” This made the men laugh harder.

“No,” I whined.

Suddenly, I felt a hard slap on my ass and the weight of someone joining me on the bed. My skirt was lifted to show my bare ass.

“Look how slutty you are! No panties on and dried cum on your thighs…. You’re a whore aren’t you?” Jason teased.

“No, I’m not! Please let me go,” I begged.

“Yes you are, and guess what…. Whores can’t say no!” Jason said in a cruel voice. “Now shut the fuck up before I come through on my promise and fuck you with my knife till you bleed to death!”

I laid on the bed, too afraid to do anything except cry.

“Hurry up Jason,” a voice said impatiently. “We wanna fuck her too!”

“Get out,” Jason ordered. “I’ll let you know when I’m done!”

I heard the men leave and a door close.

Without warning Jason ripped my skirt off of me. I felt his knife against my skin and I trembled in fear thinking he was going to cut me. Instead, he cut my shirt away from my body and ripped the remaining bra off easily.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” he asked tauntingly.

I shyly shook my head no, suddenly feeling very self-conscious about being naked in front of a stranger. I squirmed a little, trying to hide my body from his view.

“To start with, I’m going to use my toy on you and force that little pussy of yours to orgasm. You can’t tell anyone I rapped you if you enjoyed it as much as you did, now can you?” he laughed.

“Please let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” I felt him get off the bed and heard him walking around the room. “Please Jason,” I begged once more as if the use of his name would change anything.

Before I had time to resist, a large round rubber object was force into my mouth. It was secured behind my head with straps.
“Maybe this ball gag will help you remember to keep quiet,” Jason commented in an angry tone. “I really don’t want to cut you, but I will if you don’t behave yourself.” Suddenly I heard a loud vibrating sound. “Open your fucking legs, and keep still. If you move one fucking muscle I’ll beat you with my belt.”

Hesitantly I opened my legs. He pushed the vibrator directly on my clit. I screamed out of surprise into the ball gag and squirmed away from the intensity of the vibrator.

Immediately I felt the sting of his belt on my breasts. I started crying from the pain, but forced myself to thrust my pussy back against the vibrator. I was trying to show him that I didn’t mean to squirm away. I felt the tingling sensations that sexual pleasure gives me in my inner thighs and my lower tummy. I moaned in pleasure into the gag. I felt guilty, but couldn’t help myself. It felt so good!

Then I felt Jason enter me. My brain was telling me to squirm away but my body was thrusting onto his cock. I needed to orgasm. I was so close! I felt his mouth starting to suck on one of my nipples as his fingers played with the other. That sent me over the edge. I began pushing against his cock faster and harder, moaning loudly into the ball gag. I came so hard that I almost passed out.

Afterward I started crying. I realized how much of a slut I was. I had just orgasmed at the hands of my rapist.
“Now it’s my turn to cum,” Jason whispered evilly into my ear.

I began shaking my head no, trying to squirm away. He held me still as he pumped in and out of me. He twisted and pulled my nipples sadistically. He bit my neck viciously. I felt blood trickling down from the bite mark. He fucked me harder than he had been. I tried to kick him away, knowing h was close. He refused to let me get away. He pounded into me until he came. I could feel his seed spilling into me.
When he was done he left me there to be used by the other men.

The next morning Jason dropped me off on the side of the road where he had picked me up. He left me naked and blindfolded, telling me that sluts couldn’t wear clothes.
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