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This is a poem I wrote for my son's birthday when he was younger.
There is a place, a quite wonder-filled place
Where there is nothing sad, no never a trace
There are only smiles and laughs, never frowns
Where mouths only go up and never go down
Where there is no work but plenty of fun
For everyone’s daughter and everyone’s son!.

And what is this place, are you colossally curious?
Or do you think I’m becoming quite delirious?
Why this place can be found almost anywhere
That is if you can find a birthday right there!
This spectaculous place will for sure make you smile
This amazingful place that is called Birthday Isle!

At Birthday Isle you are treated so great
The service that’s given, why it is first rate!
You sit upon gifts that are stacked up sky high
So high you can see each bird as it flies by
Gifts filled with treats for you from A to Z
Like apples and zebras and cute circus fleas,
And puzzles and water guns, crayons and swings
There’s always lots and lots of fanciful things!

And then you play excitable fun birthday games
Some are very different and some are the same
There’s pin the tail on the tall spotted giraffe
A game that is sure to make you quite loudly laugh
There’s drop the clothespin in the size 16 shoe
While standing on top of the head of a gnu

Then a scavenger hunt like none other you’ve seen
You have to go out and find one special thing
You must find the one spotted musical bird
That sings out quite loudly like nothing you’ve heard
That lays shiny silver and gold birthday eggs
And has not just two, but four long thin bird legs

And if you find that special musical bird
The one that sings loudly like nothing you’ve heard
And gather 12 eggs that are silver & gold
And find the one egg that’s the oldest of old
Then you will win that most remarkable game
And you will never ever be quite the same

You will be crowned the Birthday Queen or the King
And wear the birthday robe, quite a fanciful thing
And the people will say “Bring out the royal cake”
And will bring you a 12-layer yummerious cake!
A cake that took 8.2 hours to bake!
With icing that’s dripping down all of the sides
And you can’t eat all of it, though others have tried
And try, yes you will, cuz it looks fabulicious
Then you’ll blow out the candles and make lots of wishes

Then your day on Birthday Isle is over for a whole year
And the crowd it will give you a loud, rousing cheer
And with gifts, cake, and eggs piled up high to the sky
You wave at the people and say your goodbyes
And with funciful memories and a giganterous smile
You know you’ll never forget your day at Birthday Isle!!
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