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by Jezri
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1921202
Claire runs from someone that wishes her arm
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Claire crashed through the trees, trying to find her way out of the forest. Everywhere she turned, tall oaks blocked her path. Behind her she could hear branches snapping. Scott’s wife was close. Gasping, Claire leaped into the dense forestry. Marie’s words echoed in her head. “Run Bitch.”

Marie chuckled. The whore was leaving a clear trail. It had rained and Claire had left several prints in the mud. She had to give the woman credit, she was making good time without shoes.

Claire didn’t see the hole, until she stepped in it, twisting her ankle and snapping one of the bones. She could see the light, just through the trees and hear the cars passing on the highway. Dragging herself forward, hope surged as she neared the forests edge. Strong hands on her ankle pulled her backwards. Screaming, she turned to fight.

“Shhhh,” Marie said, bringing the axe down.

Word Count: 150
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