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by Tinman
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Tragedy · #1921443
A "super short" story
         Paul reads a thesaurus like I watch porn. He’s the epitome of a nerd, so when he started dating Lindsey, I realized the God for Losers indeed smiled upon him.

         He’d met this gorgeous blonde while he was doing some kind of IT repairs at her office. “She’s six foot tall, intelligent, and built like Athena.”

         They kept their romance secret, since she was his 'other woman', but I’m his brother. “I have to brag to someone,” he said.

         Six weeks later, he came to me looking like he hadn’t sleep in days. “She’s pregnant.” 

         By the end of the week, as I stood at Lindsey’s graveside service, I heard one of her coworkers say, “The police said she shot herself in the stomach before the head. What the hell was that all about?”

         I still don’t think Paul killed her, nor could you ever convince me that he did.

However, Jenna, his wife, seems just the bitter breed of bitch to do something like that.
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