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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1921502
Like lightning from above.

            The old satire extended his arms and made a stream off his
        tower. He had built this city. He made the times in years past.
        Now, it all seemed to be moving away. Every man has his day.
        But, Albion was not a man. He was one of the 14 angels, who chose
        to live amongst mortals. Genesis records their exploits.
        How they took mortal women and spawn a race of Titans.
        Only to have God flood the land and wash away their seed.

              Albion was a devil and defied God's will and made more children.
        Being immortal allowed him the grace to acquire vast property and
        control of the city. The outlanders were always difficult and independent.
        But, even the city was expanding beyond his influence.
        They spoke openly against him and his city. They rioted and demanded
        more rights. Ridiculous. Albion did not share power.

            His wrath was merciless, not always directed by armed forces,
        but always devastating. Why would these weaklings imagine they could
        resist him? Albion ordered a  study of potential threats to
        the city. The powers of the comision were absolute. Citizens were
        arrested without charges of any criminal activity. They were tortured
        and held indefinitely if so deemed. The report was 999 pages..
      . Albion read every page in minutes. His mind was not limited
        by printed words.

            What was needed was simply and end to God worship.
        If the citizens believed in a power higher than Albion, then they
        would be arrested for subversion and executed.

                            "Humans are so weak." Albion thought.

        But, with every execution came stories of glorious martyrdom.
        Riots broke out in the city. Albion's 666 thousand year reign
        was burning before him. He stood a top his highest tower and cursed
        God for tormenting him with weaklings.
        God laughed at the demon and struck him down with a lightning bolt.
        Albion could not die, but was forced to fight off the mob in the streets.
        The city was destroyed and the people wandered into the out lands.
        Albion stood in his ruins and felt weak.

                        "How could my city have fallen beneath weaklings?"
                        Albion thought and thought.

        He gathered more daughters of the son's of God
        and began again to build a golden city.

        And God spoke ~

                              "Your soil is troubled by your pride.
                              I reckoned you to the pit, but you
                              were spared by the love of your wives.
                              So, now I spare you and let you build
                              to Heaven a golden city."

        Albion built the golden city on the clouds and called it New Eden.
        It was a city for his wives. Their children were sent to the
        out lands. Albion would have no rivals in his New Eden.


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