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by Mia
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Reading between the lines on the latest gov't cuts, the NWO, totalitarian state, G4S
For a little while I thought Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and co were buffoons, I don't anymore and the truth is far more sinister.

I believe that a 'Recovery plan' has never been part of the agenda. They are not failing to make things better because they are inept. It's irrelevant that Osborne is unfamiliar with state finance and is in charge of this country's finances and with only a bachelor's degree in Modern History At Oxford, the fact it is Oxford, home of 'The Bullingdon club' whose initiation rites include burning £50 notes in front of the homeless is the relevant factor. Have you Googled 'The Bullingdon club ' and checked the images? It repulses me how such a small group of people pass power from one to another, how the 'Old school tie network' operates, that Cameron and Boris pretend they are anything other than trusted allies.

I think Cameron and co and raiding the shelves, that mass immigration by poor European migrants is secretly being encouraged. Those poor people will live in areas populated by other poor people and there will be in fighting as we struggle for scraps, but that's part of the plan, the elite will distract us by pitting us against one another and they'll laugh at us because they will escape our wrath.

Soon we will be a totalitarian state, anarchy will not be possible because we were manipulated by fear that they created in us, the fear that brought us to the point where we begged for our civil liberties to be eroded and taken away, yes we begged them for more control, focusing only on a desire for extra police power without giving thought to the fact we were taking away the last vestiges of our own voice and power, no right to answer, complain or be a whistleblower.

I think Eugenics is in operation. I think the LCP is beyond evil, I think the plan is to work us until we drop and then end our lives. I heard of a woman who took 12 days to die on the Liverpool Care Pathway, 12 days in a room that had been made intolerably hot in order to speed the process of death by thirst or hunger. Personally I think if you don't die without food or water for 12 days, you weren't ready to die, still had too much life left in you, I believe I would have died sooner than that and I am able bodied. They refuse to give us the respect to decide for ourselves, but make the decision for us, you wouldn't put a terminally ill animal to death by withholding food and water and yet that it was they have decided will happen, there are more humane ways to end life, a simple injection as we would for a dog for example.

The twats (sorry but that is the word that comes to mind) are achieving their aim of making the poor take the blame for this mess, they harp on about benefits, especially sickness benefits and it pisses me off. It is not a handout as they refer to it, most who claim have jumped through hoops to prove they are ill and most have paid national INSURANCE most of their lives and now wish to claim against that insurance. Do those who object to sick people claiming against the premiums they have paid, feel similarly about those who claim from insurance companies when the have a burglary or house fire? It's the same thing, we paid for insurance in case we became ill and now they refuse to honour that and are strangely enough are not giving back the NI paid by those they refuse.

They have us so riled up, many people cannot take their thoughts away from the possibility that someone may be getting a little help they don't need, although in reality ATOS make it impossible for even terminally ill people with neither arms nor legs to get help. They want and need us to 'in fight', they want us to have our heads filled  with the thought of 'scroungers'. Seriously think about the lifestyles MPs allow themselves for jobs where they never even break into a sweat, the luxurious second homes, the paid by the public jollies they enjoy. I wonder how much could be saved if MPs salaries were made reasonable? They look after their own the wealthy elite don't they? I wonder if they laugh when they think about the fact these fabulous lifestyles are being paid and funded by the only people who do productive work? They enjoy a fab life, paid for by the real workers, so wrong. Don't be distracted, if you must get your knickers in a knot, then it should be because the lazy fat cats rip us off for so blatantly.

Welcome to the NWO. Their will, will be carried out by G4S who will enforce law instead of the police. G4S's men are the bouncer type thugs, hired for their ability to be strong and violent, look into them, look out for them, their vehicals are already everywhere.

Personally I have no problem with my taxes supporting people who are vulnerable or with disabilities. They have yet to remove my humanity.

So who do we vote for? I've studied the manifestos, if any of the parties gave any explanation how they would or could implement their policies, I'd have noticed, that is what I was looking for when I searched. UKIP are the most guilty of creating panic and fear, I think they are the biggest 'bumbling' party, all their manifesto does is reiterate the fears they have helped instill, they have no idea how to run a country, plus they are far right, that won't work for any humanitarian. Labour, Con's, dems etc, all the same, controlled by the same shadowy puppeteers. The Green party holds the most appeal, but like UKIP they are just saying what some people want to hear, they don't outline how any of the wonderful things they offer could be implemented. I don't think anybody would be allowed to have a voice if they were not part of the NWO, they'd be silenced.
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