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by Mr.Owl
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Predictions do not always come true...or do they?
A great victory had been predicted for him but as he lay there, bloody and broken on the field of battle he could not see how that prediction could be true.

The world darkened, he became numb. He took no joy in the loss of pain, knowing that it’s recession meant his time in the world was ending.

As the last of the light of the world faded Zayde realized he held no fear. His life had been long and fruitful; he had sons that would carry on his line and care for his lands.

The last vestiges of pain faded and Zayde found himself high above the place of his defeat. On either side of the carnage strewn field stood large contingents of men, his own and his opponents. No that he was able to see the true vastness of his opponents host he was glad that he had ordered his men to fall back.

‘Such a foolish endeavor this was. What was to be a testament to a warriors skill became the downfall of an old man’s pride. If only this wisdom had come while I still drew breath, I could have treatied…now all may be lost.” Zayde anguished as he surveyed what he had wrought.

“Take heart Elder. Your Captain is wise and your opponent is not as blood thirsty as he would seem. Your folly may well become a great blessing to all those involved.” The warmth of the woman’s voice soothed Zayde and he opened his eyes to find a woman garbed in white before him.

“The Oracle predicted a great victory for me.” Zayde replied, smiling.

“And all victory demands sacrifice. Now come, it is time to leave this place.” She beckoned and Zayde followed her and knew no more of the living world.

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