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The silent majority.
        Let us always keep faith in our lives.
        For without faith, there is only facts.
        And facts are sad and boring...
        This then is the story of Reggi.
        Reggi was a good humanist ..
        He had been raised to question ascertians.

        He had been raised in a nondenominational home.
        And educated in a socialist public school;
        And had graduated from a secular university.

        Now, Reggi was a janitor.
        He was very disappointed and disillusioned.
        He blamed the social injustice of capitalism.

        Reggi joined the Muslim Brotherhood.
        He still was skeptical about faith.
        But, Reggi felt empowered by the Islamic Revolution.

        Reggi was a terrorist.
        He was wanted by the F.B.I and Interpol.
        Reggi had killed in the name of God.

        Reggi barricaded himself in a earthen hut.
        He could not be negotiated with.
        Reggi and his hut were exploded by the F.B.I.

        Reggi was dead.
        But, Reggi lived on as a ghost.
        Reggi went to see God.

        And God said,  "Ka-Boom!"
        Reggi did not understand.
        He was reincarnated as a chipmunk.

        Reggi quickly forgot everything.
        He cared only about gathering berries and sex.
        Reggi was a chipmunk.

        Reflections~ Is this impossible ? People can believe anything.

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