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Work in progress from prompt, supposed to be one of those add on stories.
"Benton. Benton Black." Smug, as if even his name was an accomplishment. He leaned forward and playfully teased the strap of her red dress as he succeeded in seducing her mysterious eyes.
"Mm. I thought you'd never come over here." She bit her plump cherry colored lip. "Now that you have, I have a game for you." Her finger now twirled in his curly peppered hair. She leaned close.
"I like the sound of that!" Benton replied, feeling arousal for his new flavor of the week. I love Mardi Gras!He thought to himself.
"I have a coin you see," she held up an unusual gold token. "It is a magic coin and when you flip it, heads you will be rewarded....and tails...." her hand caressed his neck as the warmth of her breathe kissed his skin "if it's tails, you will be punished." She lightly bit his ear, kissed his neck and slinked out of her seat. "After I walk through that curtain, flip the coin." She instructed. As she turned to go she stopped to adjust her dress in one of the mirrors in their private booth. With a wink, her slender body slid through the curtain. He was alone.
No where in the world is there this much voodoo than New orleans. She is worth it though. He thought glancing at the coin. What the hell? He flipped it up. Slapping the coin on the table.
"Tails." Time to go get punished. He checked the time on his Rolex and rose from his seat. Turning to the mirror he straightened his collar. Suddenly, crushing pain. He grasped his abdomen as it began to swell rapidly. He darted out through the curtain of his booth. The bar was now empty, the sexy vixen was no where to be seen. On his knees, crippled by the pain, there was no help in this place. Then suddenly as it had come on, the pain stopped, the swelling ceased. What the hell?! He thought looking down at his taught belly protruding from the bottom of his designer shirt. His chest ached now, he raised his hands. He nearly fainted in shock as his fingers encircled large breasts. In a panic, he ripped open his shirt to reveal his large sagging bosoms. "OH MY GOD!" he screamed as he fiddled with the phone to dial 9-1-1. He started to cry, tears. He hadn't cried since he was 5 years old. "What the hell? What the hell?" He shouted angrily, confused. He stayed still waiting for paramedics unsure if he should move in his condition.
The paramedics arrived and hauled him to the nearest hospital. Sitting in the ER he waited for the Doctor to return to his room with results from his exam.
"Well, good news. Your not dying. Just pregnant. Judging by your apparent gender alteration, how did this happen Ms. Black, or is it Mr. Black?" The Doctor asked with an amused chuckled upon entering Benton's room.  "Well, lets get an ultrasound, to be safe, then we will let you go home and get some rest." He stated. Benton was speechless and suddenly felt nauseated.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1921895