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Conversations and thoughts, ect.

        Observation on life~

              A young man is engaged to be married.
        I ask if he is in love. He is not certain he wants to be married.
        However, he does want to have children.
        He loves his fiance .. but, is not happy about marriage.
        I suggest a civil service to protect the children finacially...
        He is reluctant.

        A 3 hour conservation with a CIA agent ~

              I am not certain the homeless man is a CIA agent.
        However, he is very articulate about counter intelligence.
        I wounder if he is a nark.
        He is obsessed with the growing influence of homosexuality
        in our society.
        I am reminded of J Edgar Hoover's anti homosexuality patriot act.
        I point to the evidence for positive homosexual people.
        The CIA agent refuses to except it.

              The young finance is not interested in international homosexuality
        conspiracies. He just wants to talk to a girl friend.
        This makes me wonder what sexual orientation has to do with politics.
        The CIA agent believes that homosexuals want to subvert the family
        and promote communism.
        I ask the young man if he will be married this year.
        He does think so. But, he really wants to talk to his other girl friend.

              The CIA agent believes that Jesus is returning soon.
        He believes Jesus will put all homosexuals in Hell.
        But, he does not know why God allowed homosexuals to live.
        "Is God homosexual?" I queried.
        The CIA agent fiercely rejects this, "God is a straight man!"
        I ask why.
        The CIA agent says, "Because the Bible says so!"
        The Bible is his only reference.
        "God made Jesus from a woman. It was Adam&Eve; only this time
        God got married." explained the homeless CIA agent.
        Then, he wanted to talk about sports.

        Reflections : The young man does not want to get married, but will.

                          The homeless CIA agent is delusional, but maybe CIA.


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