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by Fran
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A little piece I wrote pretty straightforward really.
Forgive me Lord for I do sin,
In this life sometimes it feels like you cant win.
Everytime you put in your all,
Something comes up to make it fall.
Fall right back to that point you already passed,
Leaving you to feel that nothing lasts.
Behind that wall is the vision you lust,
And reaching that vision is a Must!
So you can't give up just got to keep on,
You can't let failure think its won
Because once that happens ur hope will vanish,
Leaving you with negative feelings that some cant manage.
This gift called life is not a game,
Hence y no two lives are exactly the same
Everybody has to find their own way through,
Many get lost not knowing what to do
Guidance and support make it easier to reach your goal,
With positive influences around  will always be fulfilling to the soul.
Everybody needs love to survive,
Without it it would be hard to stay alive
And I mean stay alive with a stable mind frame
Some may feel offending by what I'm saying
They say 'its not all about love...life is life'
Yeh course life is life but just take a
Look at your parents your family and tell me without that love and support you'd be where u are now?
Love is something that just hits you 'pow'
No warning sometimes just straight up force.

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