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Who cares ?

        The Catholic faith does not need a Pope.
    The Papacy is a dictatorship. Faith is a personal process.
    I know from my Catholic upbringing that we must all define our own
    faith... or you are a hypocrite.
    What is a Pope for? The Pope sets the dogma of the faith.
    The dogma are rules to be a good Catholic.
    But, there have been wicked Popes.

          So, it all boils down to what you believe.
    I have met Catholics, who believe that Jesus was not God.
    They believe he was a man, who preached God's word.
    These Catholics, believe that Mary and Joseph were Jesus
    biological parents.
    This is not Catholic dogma.

          But, more to the point, how much of your life is devoted to
    what the Pope wants you to do?
    Do you practice abstinence?
    Are you opposed to abortion?
    Do you go to church?
    People make their choices in life on their own needs.
    If your 15 year old daughter is pregnant, do you want her to have
    a baby? Most folks don't.
    And how do you stop 15 year old girls from getting pregnant?
    The welfare stats on unmarried underage mothers are 15 to 17 year old girls.
    Abstinence is not popular with teenage girls, who want to party.

          Have any of these girls thought about the Pope?
    I read Pope John Paul's book on the Covenant of Love.
    It was sweet and completely out of touch with the hedonistic lifestyle
    of the pop culture.
    Maybe, I should send a copy to Lady Ga Ga.. I might get an autographed
    photo and end up on her stalker list.
          Ironically, I never do the swingers scene ..
    But, I like sex and massages. :)
    And I still like to read Catholic dogma.
    I really would not know what to do with Lady Ga Ga,
    if I actually met her.
    But, I have a few vivid fantasies, which are lustful.
    According to the Pope, if you fantasize about sex with a woman
    you have fornicated and if the woman is married you are an adulterer.
    I apologize, but I wont stop .. I'm having too much fun.

          So, Lady Ga Ga, although I dream of hanging you naked
          from your ankles and wrists, like a chandelier, I mean you
          no disrespect... I love you as an artist.

    And that is not Catholic.

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