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Giantess Gwen
Giantess gwen

Based on original ben10

Mainly cause I feel like she's a perfect giantess

Gwen was laying down trying to get a tan in her one piece bikini when Ben tries to pull a prank on her by going Wildmutt and covering her completely up to her neck in sand

She said to him "you think that's funny then your gonna love this" as she used a combo of spell to hold him still then transformed him into grey matter and made it so he couldn't transform into anything else

She walked towards him and flattened him under her foot with his face between her toes she says "ew I step on something oh well it should come off as I walk down the beach" as she walked she crushed Ben's body under her foot as he was forced to smell her stinky sweaty foot

By the time Gwen got back to the rust bucket Ben was knocked out by the stink of his cousins foot she picked him off of her giant foot and dropped him in her glass of water so he wakes up

She picks up the glass with him in it and brings it to her lips she tilts the glass till he's at her mouth and she sucks on his tiny legs and small dick he doesn't want to admit it but his cousin doing this felt amazing

she wasn't trying to swallow him just punish him for always messing with her she was even starting to get turned on by this so she started licking in-between his legs until he came on her tongue grey matter cum tasted like vanilla frosting

Gwen finally picked him out from between her lips and pulled out the back of her one piece bikini and dropped Ben in till he tumbled down to her ass

She found this funny and she bent over so he was force close to her asshole between her ass cheeks Ben liked this due to the fact that they were on the road he often smelled her panties and imagined other girls as her did it so in a way this was a long awaited fantasy for him

Gwen decide to sit at the hard metal table that was their by a beach restaurant she sat down hard and quick to squeeze him tight between her butt cheeks and then she got up alittle and slowly smushed him back down then grinder him into the metal seat genteelly

She ordered a hot dog and ate the wiener then plucked ben from her bikini and placed him between the bun she closed her eyes and moved him towards her mouth she went to take a bite and Ben moved back

Ben got scarred as his cousin got closer to eating him she went to take another bite and he was force back to the edge of the bun she looked at him and said "oh well Ben guess this teaches you not to mess with me anymore"

she opened her mouth wide and lowered Ben slowly Ben was scared he begged Gwen not to eat him "please Gwen don't eat me no please gwen please" she said "sorry" and then again she lowers him to her waiting mouth he could see down her throat

Ben decides to jump so he has a chance of not being eaten alive he slides right in-between Gwen's boobs she was a c-cup Ben know this cause he masterbated to her bras on several occasions she was a 36c

She laughed as he struggled but he only sunk deeper in until only his head was popping out from his cousins tits she giggled uncontrollable just by feeling it

Gwen walked back into the rust bucket their gramppa left a note that he wouldn't be back till Tomorrow and for them to behave

Gwen loved the way this was going now she could play with Ben all day and have time to come up with an excuse for his disappearance

Gwen dropped her one piece to the floor and stepped out without getting dressed as Ben and her boobs stood still in the air without sagging even a bit gwen sat down and squeezed her boobs tight to watch grey matter try and fight his way out of them at this size it was like being squished between two cars

Ben was powerless to stop his giantess cousin from torturing him like this she finally plucked him from between her giant boobs she giggled hehe at him and then said "my feet hurt give me a foot massage" he replied with "your crazy if you think I'm massaging your stinky sweaty feet"

She then said ok I could just shove you up my ass until you feel like it he ran to her feet and began giving her a foot rub she kicks back and enjoys the foot rub

Ben watches his naked giantess cousin lean back until it looked like she was completely asleep he then tried to make a run for it she was faking and immediately woke up and grabbed her tiny cousin and said "your such a dufiss you really think id fall asleep hehe I guess you need to be though another lesson"

She goes up to the front seat and closes all the blinds she tapes Ben to the passenger seat she moves to get ready to sit down grey matter tries to fight his way out but the tapes to strong for his tiny body he then realized gwen is still naked

Gwen slowly positioned herself to perfectly sit her perfect ass onto her cousin she then dropped herself fast and hard onto bens body she quickly got bored of this so she untaped him and tied a shoe sting around him

She picked him up by the string and dangled him over her wet pussy seeing this made him instantly hard she lowered him to her pussy lips then used her other hand to push him in this made her even wetter and she got horny

She pushed Ben even deeper and he started to wiggle quickly this made her really wet both of them loved it then gwen pushed Ben back to the edge of her pussy she couldn't reach him anymore Ben wiggled until his cousin came she then used the shoe string to pull him out

He was frozen by her cum she giggled and lowered him into her mouth where she sucked on him like a lollipop she enjoyed this then spat him out onto Ben's bed because he had the bottom bunk

She lifted her foot and made him smell it then pushed him to the floor and stomped him repetitively and as hard as she could again he stuck to her foot then put her socks shoes and other clothes on and went for a jog

When Gwen got back from her jog she was completely sweaty and her feet stank really bad she decide to take a shower and brought Ben in with her so he didn't try to escape again

She placed him next to the soap and turned the shower on after she shampooed she went to grab the soap but grabbed Ben instead she first wiped in-between her boobs and rubbed her nipples then she went down her legs and rubes her feet and between each toe then back up her legs wiping her ass and her pussy till Ben was tangled in her pubs that's when she noticed she was using him as soap as the water beated him against her pussy

After she got out she dropped Ben on the floor and pulled out her old dollhouse their gramppa had kept and pulled out a dress and put it on Ben he yell "Gwen get me out of this"

Gwen- "ok I've had my fun now I guess I'll end this"
Ben-"great now I can be normal sized again"
Gwen-"not exactly who said you'd be normal sized"
Ben-"wha-wha what??"

Gwen picked him up and put him in a sandwich with him wrapped in cheese baloney and bacon she brought the sandwich to her lips and licked them "mmm you look delicious" and ate her cousin alive
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